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Our Cause

Nowadays almost everyone you meet has been affected in some way by cancer - either they have known someone who was diagnosed or they themselves were diagnosed and our founder started Laurel & Reed after her father was diagnosed with Multiple Myeloma.  For many, the first day of chemotherapy can actually be even scarier than the original diagnosis - you are learning about all the new changes that might take effect during chemo and how your body might react.  For some, this is when they start their clean beauty discovery, after learning how sensitive their skin is and how damaging and harmful the products they currently use are.  

Laurel & Reed is committed to the clean beauty movement and we want every woman, especially those with suppressed immune systems to benefit from all-natural and non-toxic products.  We are proud to partner with, which provides funding and support to young woman that have been diagnosed with breast cancer, tested positive for the BRCA gene, or have a family history that leaves them more susceptible to breast cancer. They focus on providing money to fund early mammograms, BRCA testing, egg retrieval and storage after a diagnosis or before treatment, reconstructive breast surgery, and other ancillary needs not covered by insurance to help women on their BADASS journey to beat cancer.  Not only did we partner with because their mission is BAD ASS, but the founder of the organization, Beth Levy, is actually our founders closest friend from Chicago!  

Through this partnership we will provide their members a Laurel & Reed box to start them on their clean all-natural journey!  You can help support Laurel & Reed and's partnership (2) ways:

    • Purchase a box for us to gift in your honor
    • Make a donation toward our cause - 100% of donations go directly towards and Laurel & Reed partnership