Laurel and Reed Handmade Wood Face Mask Bowl

Handmade Wood Mask Bowl

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Laurel & Reed

We are beyond excited to showcase our custom L&R sustainable eco-friendly handmade custom wooden mask mixing bowl. All bowls vary in coloring from light to dark brown.

Care Instructions:

Each bowl has been treated with an antimicrobial fully organic material used to make any food/skincare safe after touching the surface.  The reddish finish will disappear on it's own or after a couple of uses. Please note that there can be some transference, so please wash hands after use and make sure to wash bowl prior to use with soapy water.

How to love your bowl

After each use, wash with mild soap and warm water and dry immediately. Never leave to soak or to dry naturally because it can crack and warp. For the same reason, don't leave in the fridge or with product in it, and do not put in dishwasher!

How to use:

Other than the TLC, this bowl is the perfect enhancement for any selfcare routine - the only issue is figuring out what to add in to besides your mask: honey, yogurt, so many options!