Agent Nateur: your choice for chic and effective natural beauty products

Don’t Forget To Nurture Your Most Delicate Skin

Sometimes we spend so much time catering to the skin on our face that we forget the most delicate skin around your eyes and lips. Nurture your most delicate skin with holi (glow) by Agent Nateur, a gentle formula that feels like a gel, but dries like a balm. This cooling serum was developed to alleviate the dryness caused by California’s fire season and  is enriched with natural stimulants and illuminating plant extracts that reduce the appearance of puffiness and dark circles while firming, lifting, and hydrating around the eyes and hydrating the lips

Get The Skin, Nails and Hair Of Your Dreams

Are you doing the work, taking all of the supplements, eating healthy and using all of the right products, but your skin is still dull, your nails are thin and your hair won’t grow? Enhance your natural beauty with holi (mane) to grow hair, get radiant skin and resilient nails. This exclusive product combines two daily powerhouse super foods: marine collagen and pearl powder in an odorless and nearly tasteless blend that has over 30 trace minerals, including silica, magnesium, calcium and potassium that support the appearance of optimal hair, skin and nail health. The synergy of this nutrient-dense blend also supports the appearance of two important antioxidants, glutathione and superoxide dismutase, both essential for vitality.

Get On The Glass Trend That’s All The Rave In Skincare

Formulated with a combination of powerhouse ingredients, including aloe vera, french silk peptides, pitaya, hyaluronic acid, and cucumber, this brightening beauty-boosting, resurfacing face treatment is deeply hydrating, calming and soothing while also actively and gently resurfacing and refining the texture of your skin and minimizing the appearance of fine lines and pore, and wrinkles. This product is ideal for mature, dry, sensitive, inflamed, and sun-exposed skin.  Holi (bright) resurface glass face mask is loaded with key antioxidants, perfect for an intensely moisturizing at-home facial, ready to deliver you clean, clear, soft and smooth skin and a radiant, luminous, glass-like ageless glow.


The “No-Need For A Filter” Face Cream Of Your Dreams

When we think of the brand Agent Nateur, we think of this #1 selling cult obsessed product. When it’s not sold out, the transformative holi (crème) filter face cream is making your skincare dreams come true. This super-luxurious moisturizing product was created to instantly breathe life into any type of skin, even the most sensitive or acne-prone. Applied morning, day or night, holi (crème) is packed full of natural nutrients and powerful active ingredients that soothe, nourish and prime skin as well as delivering ultimate hydration and helping with the appearance of skin texture.

Formulated without the gunk (petroleum, as well as without fragrance or essential oils), Holi (crème) is instead formulated with a revolutionary patented, eco certified, environmentally-friendly emollient that glides onto skin  and delivers a filtered, matte finish, all while ensuring ultimate hydration and definitely not clogging your pores.

Powered by six revolutionary trademarked active ingredients, this formulation is powerful yet super calming. Key bioactives include Cucumber distillate that soothes, cares for, and hydrates all skin types - even the most sensitive of skin. Solanum Lycopersicum Tomato Fruit Extract that is packed full of UV-absorbing, colorless carotenoids that help to protect your skin against free-radical induced damage and light absorbance while Daisy Extract acts a natural skin-evening agent that helps to nurture a balanced, even but luminous complexion and radiant skin. Olus Oil, Squalene and Vitamin E work to deeply hydrate, replenish, support dermal supplements and nourish smooth and glowing skin. Manuka honey, applied topically, is highly anti-inflammatory, antibacterial and antimicrobial, and Calcium Ketogluconate - a French-patented, non-toxic, natural complex molecule helps restore the skin’s elasticity for a youthful, plump appearance, helping to deliver a sculptured and contoured look, whenever you use the product. holi (crème) deeply hydrates, revitalizes and nurtures your skin, neck & decolletage with a soothing, non-clogging, ultra light texture that will never weigh down your skin.

Delivering a fresh, light, matte-like finish with a boost of instant hydration and health, this is the ultimate surface hydration for a visibly softer and smoother appearance without the shine, without the grease, and without the oils. Essentially this will be your new skincare BFF!


Pure, Uncompromising, The Skincare Routine Dreams Are Made Of

If you are looking for clean, not-toxic beauty that is pure luxury, look no further than Agent Nateur.  We’ve done a round up of some of their best selling products we sell that we know you will love, but honestly the entire line is effective and treasured. Every Agent Nateur formulation is abundant in natural vitamins, minerals, oils, and plant extracts purchased—with no expense spared—from only the most reputable sources, setting a precedent for natural beauty companies around the world.