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BAMBU EARTH - Repairing Facial Serum

BAMBU EARTH - Repairing Facial Serum


WHAT IT IS: Take your skincare regimen to the next level with this Repairing Facial Serum by Bambu Earth. This luxurious treatment is made with three super-ingredients: organic and cold pressed pumpkin seed, rosehip and meadowfoam seed oils.

HOW IT WORKS: Pumpkin seed oil is rich in Vitamins A + C and essential fatty acids which help firm and tone the skin. Pumpkin is known for it's ability to even skin tone and manage discoloration including blotchiness, redness, and dark spots. Rosehip is effective at repairing the skin - especially skin that has been sun-damaged. Meadowfoam seed creates a protective barrier locking in moisture and hydrating the skin without leaving it greasy. They don't add any other filler oils to their serums, so that you can get the maximum benefit from this concentrated treatment.

TIPS FOR USE:  Warm between palms and apply liberally to skin at night.

KEY INGREDIENTS: Vitamin A + C, Pumpkin, Rosehip and Meadowfoam Seed.

SIZE: 1oz / 29.57ml