Eternal Apothic Super C Skin Crystals Vitamin C Antioxidant Toner Concentrate

Super C Skin Crystals | Vitamin C Antioxidant Toner Concentrate

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.85oz l 25ml

A true super-hero for encouraging a healthy and radiant complexion. Unique antioxidant crystals activate upon the time of use ensures the highest potency to fortify skin. This powerful, age defying Vitamin C powder helps to adjust the pH of skin while providing protection from environmental stressors making this unique product an ideal toner for any skin care routine. 

With the ability to slow the ageing process and improve the overall complexion by stimulating collagen production, brightening and tightening skin tone and protecting from free radical damage our skin crystals are synergistically formulated with inflammation reducer MSM, which also works detoxify skin cells while enhancing the absorption of Vitamin C, and nutrient dense Coconut to revitalize and regenerate skin.


    L-ascorbic acid, MSM, coconut

    How to use:

    Shake a small amount of crystals into palm of hand and add several drops of water. Mix gently and completely dissolve. Pat mixture onto clean dry skin, can be used in place of a toner. Follow with Moisturizer or Oil and SPF. Use morning and/or evening. Store in dry area away from sunlight.