We are in the thick of summer - dealing with balmy hot weather while getting from point A to point B, trying to look stylish for outdoor activities and most importantly trying to stay healthy and active while keeping our crazy long tresses off our neck!  

We don’t know about you, but we sweat when we work out – excuse us, we mean glisten!  No matter if we are blasting T-Swift and running 4 miles or in head-to-toe Lululemon getting our downward dog on, we need a hairstyle that will endure any calorie burn.  Because bottom line….you don't want to worry about your hair while you are burning off that chocolate croissant from your girls brunch.  Here are some of our favorite and perspiration tested hairstyles to get you through any workout:


Hairstyle: The Braid

Description: aliases include Regular Three Strand, it’s evil stepsister The Four Strand, ûber popular Fishtail, French, breaking the rules Upside Down, Dutch and virginal Milkmaid

Rules of the trade: unless you want a black eye, refrain from using a hair tie with a bobble

Where to rock it: Cross Training, Barre, Cardio


Hairstyle: Topknot

Descriptionnot to be confused with the lady that checked in your book at the library, everyone's rocking this look from red-carpet to Orange Theory

Rules of the trade: the messier the better, try to be more "I woke up like this" and less "Prom 2018"

Where to rock it: Pilates, Spinning, Hiking,  brisk walk with your Pomeranian


Hairstyle: Ponytail

Description: no need to mess with a good thing, this is the best approach to getting hair off your face and neck; use a high pony for a more active workout and a low pony for more stretch related and less activity

Rules of the trade: refrain from pulling your pony so tight you get a migrain

Where to rock it: Treadmill, Boxing, Running away from an ex


Hairstyle: The Half & Half 

Description: not your mother’s non-dairy creamer, this simple yet sexy ½ up ½ down bun keeps hair out of your face but can easily be transitioned to post workout cocktail hour

Rules of the trade: have access to a blowdryer because your ends, crown and under area might need some quick TLC

Where to rock it: Ballet, Strength training, Yoga, Meditation


Hairstyle: French Braid Pigtails  

Description: almost as cute as the potbelly pig craze, this look keeps hair off both your neck and face and if you take it out post sweat-sesh you get some gorgeous waves

Rules of the trade:  warning – you might be mistaken for J.Lo in the movie Enough – not the worst thing!

Where to rock it: Kickboxing, TRX, literally anything where you have potential to work out next to The Rock