With a million and one things on your daily “to-do” list, sometimes keeping healthy and treating your body right falls to the wayside.  Let’s be honest, we all WANT to eat better and keep our skin looking young and glowing, but sometimes it seems overwhelming – you end up having more questions than answers and not knowing the right way to make changes.  In truth though, there are some easy and small changes you can start tomorrow that will create a big impact on your lifestyle and health!

Go On A ‘Break’ With Your Phone

As much as we all love our phones and the ability to create our own talking emoji – sometimes we need some space from technology.  Turn your phone off at least 1 hour prior to sleeping to set the tone for bedtime.  Taking away the distraction of your phone (texting, work anxiety emails, notifications/alerts, etc) will result in a much better sleep experience and allow for you to wake up rested.  Plus a good night’s sleep is kinda like a facial for your brain!

Meet H2O – Your New Best Friend

We know, water is like the step child of beverages, and yet staying hydrated is by far one of the best things you can do for your body – inside and out.  If you are looking for a FREE and immediate way to improve your skin tone, increase energy, boost your immunity and promote weight loss, all you have to do is drink that magic elixir – water.  Don’t forget the best part about your new daily routine, there are so many glamorous water bottles you get to purchase under the ruse of staying healthy.

Get Your Sweat On

Exercising has some major benefits to your body health – it can boost happiness levels, reduce your risk for heart disease, give you a massive energy boost, improve memory and allow for you to sleep more soundly when you hit the pillow every night.  Plus, you don’t feel so bad about eating that cupcake after a drenching Pilates class!

Ditch Processed Foods

The fad of boxed processed diet foods is truly negatively affecting your health.  They are usually loaded with unhealthy ingredients like added sugar and refined grains and low in all the stuff you do need – fiber, protein and micronutrients.  Next time you have a craving, reach for some nuts, fruits or veggies.  They are all loaded with vitamins, minerals and tonsof antioxidants which are proven to lower the risk of heart disease, diabetes, obesity and make you a healthier you.

Put Your Best Face Forward

Literally!  Taking care of your skin, especially the skin on your face, is key to staying healthy, feeling healthy and looking healthy.  Three key steps can help you survive inclement weather changes, work and life anxiety and come out looking like a million bucks – Clean, exfoliate and moisturize – and repeat tomorrow and the day after that. Remember this is the only body you have – so treat it kindly and it will reward you with a dewy and glowing complexion devoid of imperfections.  Well, most of the time…