MASK MASK BABY! The 5 Best Face Masks For Any Skin Issue

With Award season coming to an end, you’ve probably seen a multitude of celebrities walking down red carpet with their skin aglow and wonder if your skin could be transformed to look like theirs. The answer is, 'yes' and you don't have to spend Hollywood Spa prices to do it! 

One of the best and fastest things you can do for your skin is to apply a facial mask.

Masks bring an instant benefit to your skin, restoring and soothing it, plus the all-natural one's are rich in 'good-for-you' ingredients, including clay, fruit acids, essential oils like peppermint oil and lavender and amazing plant-based oils like almond and coconut.

Facial masks are also versatile and can help you treat your particular skin type and/or ailment. If your skin is red or inflamed, the mask can calm and soothe. If you're dry or dehydrated, it can hydrate your skin. If your skin is oily and congested, it can help draw out impurities from the skin.  Essentially, facial masks are the jack-of-all trades for any facial woe!

We picked our top 5 cruelty-free, non-toxic, organic masks for every skin issue.

Flawless skin, here we come!


Company: Cocovít

Product pick: Coconut Charcoal Face Mask

What it is: If you love coconut oil, then you’re going to adore Cocovit. Made from the highest quality raw organic coconut oil and other organic ingredients, this Ayurvedic mask is one the best non-toxic solutions for detoxifying the skin. Those with acne will love how the turmeric, neem, and activated charcoal work together to reduce redness, kill acne causing bacteria, and balance excess oils on the skin. At the same time, your skin receives essential fatty acids and collagen support (for anti-aging) from ingredients like coconut oil, ginseng, and geranium oil. To treat acne, mix 1 tsp of this powder mask with a detoxifying liquid (like yogurt, raw honey, apple cider vinegar, or chamomile tea) and rinse after 5 minutes.

Skin Concerns: acne, clogged pores, dull complexion, redness, dehydrated skin, fine lines & wrinkles 

Price: $38 (3.3 oz)


Company: Odacité

Product pick: Deep Hydration Mask

What it is: This is truly a great all-around hydration organic mask. It boasts powerful antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, and hydrating ingredients (such as calendula oil, olive oil, hyaluronic acid, and lavender). These ingredients work together to make your skin look dramatically healthier. This organic mask includes hyaluronic acid to help your skin retain its hydrated state throughout the day. Simply apply to your face, neck, and hands after cleansing (or exfoliating for deeper penetration) and leave on for 10-20 minutes to achieve dewy, moisturized, and firm skin.

Skin Concerns: dry/dehydrated skin, aging skin, sensitive skin, fine lines & wrinkles 

Price: $50 (1.7 oz)


Product pick: Banana & Oatmeal Face Mask 

What it is: This smoothing mask hydrates and moisturizes dehydrated skin with nutrient filled bananas. Zinc filled whole oats and oat powder gently remove dirt and oils while effectively reducing inflammation and acne-causing bacteria.

Skin Concerns: clogged pores, acne, dull complexion, dry/dehydrated skin.

Price: $15 (2 oz)

Company: Earth Tu Face

Product pick: Honey + Coconut Mask

What it is: Raw organic honey is a great treatment for problematic skin. Whether you are treating a breakout, irritated skin, dry skin, or just need a good all-around skin boost, try mixing a little honey into a DIY mask. If DIY isn’t your style, Earth Tu Face already makes a heavenly honey mask so you don’t have to become a bathroom chef. In addition to the antioxidant powers of honey, this mask also includes virgin coconut oil, lavender, and rose petals which are all anti-inflammatory.  

Skin Concerns: irritated/inflamed skin, dull complexion, dehydrated skin, acne scars, fine lines & wrinkles 

Price: $52 (2 oz)

Company: Kani Botanicals
What it is: A face mask that deep cleans without drying, gently decongests pores, and absorbs excess oil. Smoothes and conditions skin surface, leaving it supple and soft. Helps calm redness and irritation. Instantly soothes puffy, tired eyes and skin.
Skin Concerns: clogged pores, irritated skin, dull complexion, redness, dehydrated skin.
Price: $32 (2 oz)