Our obsession with the brand SkinOwl goes well beyond partnering with them for our July Laurel & Reed box with their über popular Body+ Amethyst Crystal luminescent oil.

The minute I met Annie Tevelin, the Founder and CEO, I knew she was the real deal.  Outside of the fact that we are both midwest girls and have a plethora of similarities, I find her to be one of the most genuine people I know.  She truly cares about the products she creates, her team and most importantly the massive amount of people who religiously purchase and trust her brand.  Every product that Annie creates comes from a place of love and true understanding - she herself struggled for years with cystic acne and tried everything from derm approved to mass retail products, to no avail.  With her own personal skin struggles in the back of her mind, SkinOwl was formed upon the below pillars:

  • She wanted people to see results overnight.
  • She wanted to provide more than just skin care, but deliver a core component of total self-care too.
  • She wanted women to feel like they had a safe haven to ask questions and receive quality advice about their skin in what can often be seen as a confusing industry.

Needless to say - she accomplished what she set out to and we are true believers! SkinOwl encompasses everything we believe in at Laurel & Reed - their products are 100% vegan, cruelty-free an fragrance-free, with 95% of their packaging materials being recycled. We confidently recommend each and every product in their line, below find some of our staples:

Product pick: Beauty Steam: Marigold Glow

What it does: An intoxicating blend of organic, radiance-boosting flora to detox and renew your skin. Beauty Steam opens the skin's pores for deep cleansing, decongestion, and hydration. It is formulated to bring vitality to your skin, ridding your pores of dirt and dead skin, while imparting healing, softening, and cell renewing goodness.

Price: $48.00

Product pick: Geranium Beauty Drops

What it does: Geranium Beauty Drops balances, decongests and combats first signs of aging, while boosting radiance. This luxurious oil is to be used morning and night, in place of a serum & moisturizer.  Best for dehydrated, dull, combination skin types.

Price: $30.00 (1oz)

Product pick: Body+ Trio

What it does:  Inspired by three of the earth's most precious gemstones, this trio of body + face illuminators is intended to highlight, soften, and perfect the skin, while adding nourishment with uniquely penetrating and effective pure plant oils.

Price: $78.00 (3, 2oz oils)

Product pick: Wear Your Worth Sweatshirt

What it does:  By far one of the coolest merch items we seen a brand launch recently - you can now join #TeamSkinOwl in wearing your worth! Are you adventurous? Thoughtful? Witty? Ambitious? SkinOwl wants you to wear it with pride! Give yourself (or your #favoritehuman) the gift of gratitude by celebrating all that they are. The coziest custom sweatshirt you've ever worn. Join the self-love movement with #TeamSkinOwl.  Available in S-XL and Gray, White, Pink and Blue.

Price: $32.00