She’s given you the world, literally. This Mother’s Day, give her more than a Hallmark card scribbled with niceties and your signature in the corner. 

We hope to give our mommas a little bit of something special this year - while flowers and cards are always appreciated, we like the idea of putting her health first.

Here's our top shelf picks of all-natural, cruelty-free and non-toxic clean beauty we know mom will love!


Company: UMA

Product pick: Pure Calm Wellness Candle

What it is: Powerfully soothing botanicals of chamomile, lavender, and vetiver promote relaxation and reduce physical signs of stress, alleviating tenseness and soothing the nervous system. This formula is punctuated with beautifully scented rose and geranium essential oil, for enhanced feelings of relaxation and calm—and is especially beneficial at the end of a busy day. Breathe deep as feelings of anxiety and stress melt away, leaving you in a state of renewed calm and balance.

Price: $68


Company: LURK

Product pick: BS 003 Perfume Oil

What it is:  Dry woods mix with crisp citrus notes and sweet bergamot to produce this effervescent yet balanced fragrance. Hand-blended using pure essential oils in a base of organic jojoba.  A truly androgynous scent inspired by the fresh farm fields and expansive ocean beaches of the Hamptons.  No water, alcohol, chemical preservatives, stabilizers or additives are used in this perfume oil concentrate.

Price: $58 (6 ml)


Company: Tata Harper

Product pick: Made For Mama Set

What it is: A full-size Crème Riche velvet moisturizing creme, wrapped in their green and gold gift box with a mini Resurfacing Mask and mini Regenerating Cleanser. Available only on

Price: $185


Company: WelleCo

Product pick: Fortified Calming Tea Caddy

What it is: Sleep Well Calming Tea Caddy is a unique natural blend of valerian root, hops and skullcap that may assist with anxiety and sleep. A relaxing drink with a fruity flavor to have anytime, especially beneficial before bedtime to help improve sleep and calm the nerves.

Price: $69 (50 tea bags)


Company: Herbivore

Product pick: Ultimate Skin Care Collection for Dry / Mature / Sensitive Skin

What it is: The ultimate curated collection of luxe facial care products formulated specifically for dry / mature and sensitive skin types. Take your skin care ritual to the next level. Includes: Phoenix Facial Oil, Rose Hibiscus Hydrating Face Mist, Pink Clay Face and Body Soap and the Pink Clay Exfoliating Mask.

Price: $142