How To Pack Like A Pro: Skincare Edition

Cue the soundtrack - Madonna's "Holiday"

With Thanksgiving and Christmas quickly approaching, you might be planning a weekend away to visit family and friends. If you're anything like the gang at Laurel & Reed HQ, packing can often be a lengthy and chaotic process! It usually involves worrying about two main things: a. Did you remember to pack X skincare product? Or b. Did you I pack too many skincare products?

To help you pack more efficiently, here are our top 3 packing tips for your upcoming travel plans via plane, train or automobile! 

REMEMBER - Packing efficiently for a trip can make your overall experience more enjoyable and stress free - plus when packing efficiently, you leave more room for those bulky sweaters and boots!

1- Keep It Minimal

This goes for skincare as well as clothing! Pack weather and activity-appropriate clothing and skincare. You won’t require boots for a weekend in the sun and no one needs 99 pairs of heels for a beach holiday. Travel packing allows for you to take a serious look at your skincare routine and pack the essentials: cleanser, toner, moisturizer, SPF (yes, even during winter), favorite serum and/or oil and eye cream. If you have enough space and your trip is long enough, throw in your favorite mask too.

2 - Don't Forget Essentials

(Whatever essentials might mean to you).Ensure you have all your travel documents, such as ID, passport, boarding passes, and any reservation confirmations. Pack chargers and adapters to stay connected while on the go.For fellow cosmetic enthusiasts, forgetting your makeup would result in tears! Remember to pack your essentials like foundation, mascara, lipstick, and concealer. Many products serve multiple purposes these days, so there's no need to overpack. (For multi-tasking skincare check out Lepaar Sole Lip + Face Balms here and for multi-tasking makeup our favorite is Axiologie balmies for lips, eyes, and cheeks)

3- Pack Travel-Sized Toiletries

To save space and comply with travel regulations, use travel-sized toiletries and don't forget your toothbrush!

Beauty product packing is, in our humble opinion, the best and the worst experience! After all, if you are like us and have a massive arsenal of skincare, how do you choose?Laurel & Reed offers a curated selection of luxurious beauty products, that are perfect for a weekend away. If you need to keep it tiny, we also carry a ton of travel friendly mini editions of your favorite beauty products. Here are our must-haves to help packing:

Laurel Skin Travel Kit - Simplify your packing with a pre-made travel kit from Laurel Skin, featuring skincare essentials to keep your skin in top condition. The lovely people at Laurel Skin offer two, skin-specific travel kits so there's no need to compromise on your skincare routine. 

Revive + Replenish Travel Set

Laurel Skincare Revive + Replenish Travel Set
'This skin ritual is about restoring vitality and vibrancy to the skin through nourishment. These products are gentle enough for sensitive skin while being potent enough to spark transformation for dull or tired skin.'
This super-supportive kit includes:

  • Effortless Cleanser - Radiant Glow
  •  Hydrating Elixir I - Phytonutrient Replenish
  • Antioxidant Serum - Vibrancy Revival
  • Almond Rose Exfoliant - Hydrating Nutrients
  • Citrus Spice Lip Treatment

RECOMMENDED FOR: Dehydrated and sensitive skin. 

Balance + Support Travel Set

Laurel Skincare Balance + Support Travel Set

'The Balance + Support skin ritual created with this set utilizes plants like Chamomile, Neroli and Lavender. Soothing inflammation and restoring equilibrium to skin are the main theme of the products in this collection.'

This acne-banishing kit includes:

  • Support Cleanser - Cool Relief
  • Hydrating Elixir II - Support + Recover
  • Balance Serum - Clarifying Relief
  • Almond Rose Exfoliant - Hydrating Nutrients
  • Lavender Lip Treatment. 

RECOMMENDED FOR: Acne-prone skin

Free + True The Discovery/Travel Kit   

Free + True Discovery/Travel Set
The Free + True Travel Kit is super cute. It contains generous travel sizes of: 

  • Marigold Morning - AM Creamy Gel Cleanser (8 ml)
  • Ramblin Rose - Soothing Hydrating Serum (10 ml)
  • Freedom Fighter- Antioxidant Face Oil (5 ml)
  • Moonlight Milk - PM Balm Cleanser (8 ml)
  • Moment of Clarity - AHA Complex Toner (5 ml)
  • Mama Pacha - Moisture Infusion Cream (8 ml)
  • Raw + Wild - Illumination Honey Mask (8 ml)
  • Body Prophet - All Over Creamy Serum (8 ml)
  • Soft Power - Cleansing Powder + Exfoliant (8 ml)
  • Balanced Being - Barrier Cream (8 ml)

Essential this travel kit contains anything and everything you could ever want for your skin needs in travel friendly sizing.

Ethical Bonus - this lovely and very comprehensive travel set is housed in a Fair Trade handwoven travel pouch, which financially supports women artisans in Guatemala.

RECOMMENDED FOR: All eventualites! The addition of Illumination Honey Mask makes it an excellent choice for anyone seeking a rejuvenating post-party pamper session during their weekend getaway.



An elegant, skin-supportive set for energetic individuals who love luxury.
This exquisite travel set includes: 





RECOMMENDED FOR: sun-seeking wanderers, element-kissed adventurers, air condition-beaten travellers.

Agent Nateur the Holi (trinity) Travel Size Box Set

Agent Nateur the Holi (trinity) Travel Size Box Set
Oh, how we love this collection! An all-round A+ for any skincare lovers dream collection.

'Behold the holi (trinity), a restorative, soothing, nourishing ménage à trois for ambient, supple skin. Our coveted holi (water) is rich in pearl powder and pitaya to gently exfoliate and smooth fine lines while holi (c)—our potent blend of calcium and vitamin Creduces the appearance of acne scars and boosts skin’s elasticity. Our holi (oil) heals dryness, softens skin’s texture, and illuminates the complexion.'

This incredible kit includes:

  • 30 ml holi (water)

  • 10 ml holi (oil)

  • 3 ml holi (c)

RECOMMENDED FOR: All skin types, although dry/dehydrated guys and gals will soak this super quenching trio up! 


Remember that efficient packing can make your weekend getaway more enjoyable and hassle-free, leaving you more time to relax and enjoy your break.
Happy holidays, safe travels and hope you make some amazing memories!

With love, Laurel & Reed