Get ready for some selfcare.  No matter if you are searching for the best gift for that special someone or are splurging on a little sumpin' sumpin' for yourself (and trust us, YOU deserve it), we have compiled the best in clean beauty to get you ready for V-Day...color coordinated of course, in pink!  Cute idea, buy a couple and gift wrap together for a special custom selfcare package!

Rahua HYDRATION ESSENTIAL CARE SET shampoo and conditioner

Category: Hair


Product pick: Hydration Essential Care Set

Why it rocks: Scented with the tropical aromas of passion fruit and mango, this moisturizing set leaves the scalp hydrated and balanced and hair stronger, healthier, smoother and shinier. Infused with our plant-powered complex crafted with rare Amazonian oils and natural protein-bonding sugars that drive hydration deep into each strand of hair.

Price: $70 (for both)

Osea Malibu Salts of the Earth Body Scrub

Category: Body


Product pick: Salts of the Earth Body Scrub

Why it rocks: Sink into a scrub like you’ve never felt before. Our skin-softening formula transforms into a gentle exfoliator as you work it into the skin. Mineral-rich salts from around the world, including Pink Himalayan, buff away roughness. Moisturizes with Wild Gigartina seaweed and Shea Butter for silky-smooth and glowing skin. A sensory experience that leaves you feeling brand new.

Price: $42 (12oz)

Bathorium BeCalm Bubble Elixir

Category: Bath


Product pick: BeCalm Bubble Elixir

Why it rocks: Allow the soft scent of organic lavender and delicate earl grey tea to create a creamy tub of bubbles and send you right to a sleepy abyss. 

Green, clean and natural bubble bath formulated without the use of harsh surfactants and detergents. Frothy long lasting bubble bubbles that elevate your bath time to the next level. 

Price: $30 (16oz)

Alpyn Beauty Cleanser

Category: Skincare - Cleanser

CompanyAlpyn Beauty

Product pick: Creamy Bubbling Cleanser With Fruit Enzymes and AHA's

Why it rocks: Make cleansing fun with this innovative formula that refreshes and refines skin with a creamy, bubbly lather. Containing all-star exfoliants—papaya, pomegranate, glycolic acid, and lactic acid—plus moisturizing hyaluronic acid and ceramides, it’s the perfect daily cleanser for removing impurities and makeup. The result: skin that feels soft and supple, never stripped.

Price: $36

Herbivore Botanicals Prism 12% Serum AHA + 3% BHA Exfoliating Glow Serum

Category: Skincare - Serum

CompanyHerbivore Botanicals

Product pick: Prism 12% Serum AHA + 3% BHA Exfoliating Glow Serum

Why it rocks:  The glow-up is real. Featuring a potent, smoothing blend of 12% AHAs and 3% BHAs, this serum polishes away dullness and uneven texture to reveal radiant, soft skin. Formulated with vitamin C, soothing rose hydrosol, and hydrating aloe, it's perfect for keeping all skin types looking happy and bright.

Price: $54


Category: Skincare - Toner

CompanyNazan Schnapp

Product pick: Sublime Hydrating Treatment Essence

Why it rocks: The Sublime Hydrating Treatment Essence is a gorgeous blend of natural, antioxidant-rich, potent ingredients that refresh, hydrate, soothe, and protect skin as well as encourage the skin’s natural renewal process through Rose Quartz. Smoothing Hyaluronic Acid and natural humectants like Gotu Kola, Rose de Mai, Peony, Hibiscus and Aloe penetrate into deeper layers of the skin and help skin retain moisture throughout the day for a radiant, fresh and hydrated look.

Price: $74

Osmia Organics Adzuki Nourishing Mask

Category: Skincare - Face Mask


Product pick: Adzuki Nourishing Mask

Why it rocks: Adzuki beans have been used for centuries by Japanese women to exfoliate their skin. In this mask, we combine them with organic quinoa to give the skin a gentle exfoliation, while moisturizing deeper layers of the skin. Wild-harvested red sandalwood powder tones and smoothes the skin, and essential oils of sandalwood, lavender, and rose geranium create a heavenly aroma. But the real secret? We mill the beans and quinoa ourselves, which gives a "fresh-pressed" effect - like a protein bath for the skin. If you're in a rush, this powder may be used as a cleansing and exfoliating paste. But, if time allows, leaving it on as a mask will provide the skin with fortifying proteins, and a tightening action that leaves skin feeling both firm and soft, and smelling of earth and lavender. Comes with a USA-made ceramic bowl and bamboo mixing spoon.

Price: $40

 Kari Gran Tinted Lip Whip

Category: Skincare - Lip Care

CompanyKari Gran

Product pick: Tinted Lip Whip - Peppermint

Why it rocks: This everyday, barely blush balm gives your lips a glossy, tinted sheen and a moisturizing boost with a hint of Peppermint.

Price: $20

Odacite Crystal Contour Gua Sha Rose Quartz Beauty Tool

Category: Skincare - Tools


Product pick: Crystal Contour Gua Sha Rose Quartz

Why it rocks: Gua Sha is an ancient Chinese technique that has been used for centuries to bring new life to dull, devitalized and aging skin with gentle stimulating massage. This effective facial tool will smooth the look of wrinkles and encourage detoxification. Use on the eye area to help reduce the look of dark circles and puffiness. The Crystal Contour is hand-carved to easily get into the corners and follow the contours of your face, making your Gua Sha facial massage ultra-effective.

The Crystal Contour is hand-carved in exceptional quality Rose Quartz to make this facial technique even more luxurious and high vibrational. Rose Quartz is known to be the crystal of unconditional love, making it the perfect crystal for the self-loving ritual of Gua Sha facial massage.

Price: $45