As beauty enthusiasts (forget the fact that it is our job to find amazing new products to feature monthly), we get super excited when we stumble on a new and innovative product to try, especially when that product touts the power of hemp based CBD.  Hey, we live in California!

No, hemp based CBD is not a trend, it's a full on beauty revolution and we couldn't be happier!  Let us introduce you to Cannuka, a family-owned skincare brand on a mission to relieve common skin woes like irritation and inflammation, by marrying the unique combination of cannabis and manuka honey.  

With an emphasis on natural ingredients that are as good for the earth as they are for your mind and body, Cannuka's key ingredients include the following: CBD (derived from hemp), which is a non-psychoactive compound found in the cannabis plant and has anti-inflammatory and antioxidant qualities that protect the skin and Manuka honey (originating from the Manuka bush in New Zealand) which is part of the Tea Tree family. Manuka honey is world renowned for its vast healing properties as a powerful antibacterial and antimicrobial agent. Cannuka’s two natural ingredients connect nature and science to bring together beauty and health!

Ok, so does it sound too good to be true?  Simply put - this will be your new must-have for winter, spring, summer and fall!  You can clear out your vanity and implement their entire collection easily into your routine, or you can start out small by adding one element - we recommend the CBD Calming Eye Balm.  See below for their current product line.

Product: CBD Healing Skin Balm

What it is:  Let the healing begin. This all-purpose balm visibly transforms distressed skin. The luxurious texture leaves your skin feeling smooth and restored. Solid at first touch, it gently warms on contact and transforms into a velvety consistency. Simply massage it where it’s needed most. Perfect for reducing blemishes, treating dryness, calming inflammation, and promoting beautiful, naturally healthy skin. Excellent for use as a daily body moisturizer.

Why it's so effective:  CBD and Manuka honey team up with your natural skin receptors to produce healthy oils and prevent dryness and cracking. The anti-inflammatory properties of CBD reduce redness and swelling, and they've added vitamin E, shea butter, rosehip oil, orange peel butter, and grapeseed oil to replenish and protect skin.

Suggested use: Warm balm between hands and apply to intended area. Spread evenly onto skin. Use as often as necessary to provide soothing and comforting relief.

Cost: $58


Product: CBD Nourishing Body Cream

What it is: Infused with a subtle scent of citrus, this soothing cream provides a light, refreshing feel. It absorbs quickly, leaving skin soft and silky.  Delightfully smooth, it provides immediate relief and hydrates skin for hours. Gentle enough to use every day for supple, well-nourished skin. Sooth sunburns in the summer, moisturize dryness in the winter — this body cream is essential for year-round beautiful, healthy skin.

Why it's so effective: The anti-inflammatory benefit of CBD reduces and suppresses the causes of blemishes while calming skin. Manuka honey acts as an antibacterial agent. The result of these combined ingredients is a reduction of wrinkles and younger looking skin. The added skin care powerhouse hyaluronic acid hydrates, repairs skin, and fills in fine lines, leaving skin looking smooth and blemish free.

Suggested use: Apply the nourishing formula daily to moisturize skin. Rich in anti-inflammatory CBD Isolate and Manuka honey, leaving skin feeling soft and smooth.

Cost: $28


Product: CBD Calming Eye Balm

What it is:  Your moment of comforting calm has arrived. This hydrating balm is a sublime way to moisturize, refresh, and protect delicate under-eye skin.  Initially cool to the touch, it warms on contact and transforms into a soft, silky consistency. Use twice daily as part of your health and beauty regimen to treat fine lines, puffiness, and dark circles.

Why it's so effective:  CBD’s powerful anti-inflammatory properties relieve skin, reducing dark circles and puffiness. Manuka honey repairs the top layer of skin and the collagen layer under your eyes. They've added vitamin E, hemp seed oil, rosehip oil, and grapeseed oil, containing powerful free fatty acids to replenish and protect the skin from environmental and natural aging factors.

Suggested use: Apply the nourishing formula daily to moisturize skin. Rich in anti-inflammatory CBD Isolate and Manuka honey, leaving skin feeling soft and smooth.

Cost: $28

Product: CBD Cleansing Body Bar

What it is: The rich, full lather of this luxurious body bar leaves you feeling refreshed and pampered.  Surprisingly soft, the substantial hand-cut bar lathers instantly and results in clean, conditioned, smooth-as-silk skin. Use every day for an indulgent, hydrating bathing experience.

Why it's so effective:  The antioxidant, anti-bacterial, antimicrobial factors in this bar are a critical foundation and first step to an optimal skin care regimen. Black pepper essential oil is also added to help delay the effects of aging while sunflower oil provides a refreshed feel. Coconut oil and grapefruit oil leave skin soft, smooth, and conditioned.

Suggested use: Work bar into a lather and apply directly to skin. Use body bar as part of your daily cleansing experience to moisturize and nourish skin while leaving a subtle, fresh fragrance.

Cost: $18

Product: CBD Hydrating Lip Balm

What it is:  Conditioning for the most delicate skin. This lip balm soothes, moisturizes, and nourishes.  Keep this handy and use throughout the day.

Why it's so effective: Chapped, cracked lips are a sign of inflammation. Because CBD can be easily absorbed into the top layer of skin, it assists the CB1 receptors. As a result, CBD’s anti-inflammatory properties calm and reduce swelling, allowing Manuka honey to repair the top layer of skin and the collagen layer under the lip surface.

Suggested use:   Apply throughout the day to soothe, moisturize and protect your lips.

Cost: $9