our story

about us
in the beginning
Laurel & Reed was created out of our founder’s journey
to live a more organic and healthy lifestyle after she found
out her father was battling cancer. Through his battle
and into his remission, she chose to shift to a pure, clean and
all-natural lifestyle – knowing the harmful effects toxic
beauty has on a women’s skin and health. Through research
and education, we have been able to build key relationships
with wholesome and holistic businesses in the clean beauty
space and provide you with the best in pure, natural
and cruelty-free products.

our inspirations

our promise

why go green
We understand the harmful effects that toxic beauty
products can have on a woman’s health and in the past
mainstream beauty was the only way to go. We are very
excited to be able to provide our subscribers with a
monthly box filled with non-toxic, all-natural and
cruelty-free beauty as an alternative to the toxic
products currently on the market.
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