If you are like us, you might be a little late to the crystal and gemstone therapy game and all of the benefits these gorgeous rocks can accomplish in your life.  Better late than never though!  Earth's natural beauties aren't just for a pretty instagram photo, we promise, although they do make every photo better!  See below for the most notable stones and all of their blessings broken down by the most trusted source on gemstones, Energy Muse:

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Clear Quartz – One of the most “intro” level crystals for people to start with, Quartz can introduce you to the realm of crystal healing by programming it to amplify your intentions so that they manifest quicker. Depending on what is blocking you energetically (fatigue, stress, unsureness, etc.), you can program your quartz to counteract these feelings. It is an extremely versatile healing stone because it works so well at magnifying the energy of other stones that come in contact with it. The transparency of a quartz crystal carries the power to cleanse your thoughts and clear your mind. When using your quartz crystal, sit quietly with it in your hands, envision its highest white light, and feel its energy fill your body. Once you feel connected to your quartz, clarify your intentions for the stone and trust that it is listening.

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Selenite – Crystal enthusiasts value this stone for its ability to unblock stagnant energies ensuring a positive flow of vibrations between you and your crystals. Used often in energy cleansing, selenite is one of the most powerful tools for removing negativity that’s keeping you down. Taking your selenite and moving it down your body from the top of your head to your feet, clears the energy around you. Repeat this motion all around your body until you feel like the positive energy has been replenished. After you’re done, you will feel a restored sense of balance and will be protected with white light.

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Shungite – A rare stone believed to be around 2 billion years old, Shungite contains a natural antioxidants, making it a powerful healer of health hazardous energies to the body. Shungite can be used for detoxification and relief from anxiety or bits of insomnia. It carries powerful purifying properties that are essential for detoxifying and cleansing. Shungite has such a strong effect on the body, we recommend introducing it into your energy field a little bit at a time. Listen to your body! If you’re wearing and working with it and you begin to feel light-headed or that the detoxifying properties are too much for you, put the crystal down and begin again the next day. The more you work with shungite, your body becomes accustomed to its energy field and you will be able to always keep it near. 

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Amethyst – Works as an energetic shield containing a spiritual light around your body. In addition to shielding you from harmful energy, amethyst is also great for purifying your environment, therefore, is wonderful decor for your home and workspace. Amethyst also provides spiritual protection and garners your inner strength, especially when you’re feeling vulnerable or in need of a confidence boost. Use your amethyst as a meditation tool to help you get in tune with your emotions and allow you to uncover your true self.

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Citrine – A stone of light, citrine carries the energy of the sun and properties that promote your happiness and bring you prosperity. It is considered one of the most powerful stones for manifestation, therefore, when you’re ready to make a change in your life, citrine can help you make that intention a reality. The citrine meaning stimulates your mind and instills you with a positive outlook on life so that you are filled with optimism and motivated to form good habits.