Party Prep

P - A - R - T- Y

Hello, fellow beauty lovers! How are you? Party season is upon us and it's time to prep your skin to get your gorgeous and glowing!

Here are our eight top picks to get you party-ready!

So, let's start with skincare, and for party season, we need to HYDRATE AND GLOW!

The night before the big day, we love utilizing intense hydrating products to deeply penetrate skin and offer intense hydration. 

Lovinah Goddess Glow Brightening Beauty Balm

Lovinah Skincare - Goddess Glow Brightening Beauty Balm - $95

Make your skin truly luminous with the help of this luxurious multi-purpose, fast acting, natural retinol (Bakuchiol) brightening balm. Its rich all-natural formula penetrates deep into the skin, providing a long-lasting, glowing finish.  A luxurious bio-retinol brightening balm rich in antioxidants, vitamins and phyto-nutrients, that gives dull, dry skin a luscious, dewy, glowing radiance. This supernatural goddess glow nourishing treatment will enhance the overall clarity of your skin for a refreshed, glowing complexion by morning.

This powerful overnight treatment deeply replenishes your skin, improves its texture and acts as an effective anti-aging agent. Created to help your skin get its natural glow back, the Goddess Glow Brightening Balm has high content of natural retinol, in the forms of bakuchiol, moth bean and Cacay oil. Bakuchiol is derived from babchi seed with natural retinol properties to help boosts the production of collagen, reduces the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines and plumps up your skin.

Combined with soothing all-natural ingredients like licorice and Vitamin C, it provides the brightening and firming effects, all while deeply nourishing the skin while you sleep.

Get ready to glow like the goddess you truly are.

Three Ships Buttercream Hydrating Lip Mask

Three Ships - Buttercream Hydrating Lip Mask - $19

For mistletoe-ready lips! This luxury lip mask is nourishing and restorative, it hydrates lips and locks in moisture. Apply before bed to wake up with pillow-soft, kissable lips. Added bonus it smells like dessert!

The big day. You've got your outfit picked out and you are ready to begin prepping your skin. Here are some of our all-time favorite products to perk up your peepers, diminish fine lines and wrinkles, lock in moisture and plump skin for dewy glow and add those final finishing touches.

Leahlani Meli Glow mask
Leahlani Skincare Meli Glow Mask - $56.00

A lavish illuminating mask for plumped, supple skin with a mega-watt glow. Brimming with enzymes from fragrant tropical fruits, nutrient-dense beauty oils, moisturizing hyaluronic acid, and stimulating clays, this creamy nectar infusion works on a molecular level to nourish and strengthen your skin. What you can expect: reduced appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, complexion refreshed and glowing, skin cells plumped and glowing with an infusion of moisture, circulation and oxygenation boosted to combat cellular aging.

100% PURE Bright Eyes Mask

100% PURE Bright Eyes Mask - $7.00 per single sheet

These fuss-free eye masks are designed to brighten, de-puff, and refresh your eye area with a blend of cucumber, hyaluronic acid, and aloe juice. They are perfect if you're feeling a little jaded from partying hard all week and are in need of a little pick-me-up. Malaya Organics Hydrating Mist

MALAYA Organics Hydrating Mist - $58.00

Like a refreshing drink of water, Malaya Hydrating Mist instantly quenches skin thirst any time of day. Our multi-purpose formula can be used every morning after cleansing, before applying moisturizer and makeup. You can spritz it on throughout the day to renew and revitalize your skin, and add it to your nighttime regimen as well. Blended with Gotu Kola, herbal extracts, and antioxidant Superoxide Dismutase, it effortlessly keeps your skin soft and radiant. The gorgeous purple color comes from anthocyanin rich Butterfly Pea Flower. This cooling mist is formulated with natural hydrators, including Rose and Bamboo waters, to help shield against daily moisture loss. Your skin will not only feel refreshed but will also exude that enviable glow.  

Rituel de Fille Celestial Sphere Gelée Eye Gloss
Rituel de Fille Celestial Sphere Gelée Eye Gloss - $39.00

The eyes are the windows of the soul, so it's important to use only the best! Celestial Sphere Gelee Eye Glosses are magical creations which 'capture the night sky in constellations of scintillating starlight'. Each richly textured, brightly shimmering gelee formulation creates natural magic in a highly pigmented potion—all while being made with beautifully minimalistic ingredients. Available in seven stunning shades, your eyes are guaranteed to sparkle! 

  • Ara: A brightly shimmering, iridescent red-rose with a vibrant gold shift—with the subtlest hints of teal revealed in some lighting. This powerfully complex rose gold shimmer eyeshadow crème pigment is named for the altar constellation.
  • Apis Warm beige with multichromatic iridescent shimmer.
  • Andromeda: Shimmering oil slick shift, transforming from red to gold with slight glimpses of blue in a black gelée base.
  • Rosa:  Smoky wine with vibrant red iridescent shimmer.
  • Serpens: Rich, molten, dark gold shimmer eyeshadow in a black gelée base.
  • Cassiopeia: Darkened, dirty gunmetal gray shimmer eyeshadow in a black gelée base.
  • Pyxis: This shimmer eyeshadow shade is named for the compass constellation, evoking the sunlit surface of seawater and bioluminescence beneath.

LILY LOLO Mineral Bronzer and Shimmer
LILY LOLO Mineral Bronzer and Shimmer - $22.00

Award Winning Lily Lolo Mineral Bronzer is made from natural minerals and creates a shimmery, yet natural glow. It's available in three flattering shades and can be dusted on the face, shoulders, back and décolleté.


  • Waikiki Bronzer & Shimmer: Light Shade. This light bronzer gives a shimmering golden look and suits paler skin tones perfectly. 
  • South Beach Bronzer: A light medium peachy matte. A mid-toned shade with warm undertones for those who want a more natural and less shimmery tanned look. South Beach is suitable for most skin tones, adding subtle warmth to the complexion. 
  • Bondi Bronze Bronzer & Shimmer: Tan Shade. This medium toned mineral bronzer gives a shimmering bronzed effect with sun sparkling golden highlights and is suitable for most skin tones. Bondi Bronze is the perfect shade to add definition, emphasize facial contours and add a pretty tan.
Alima Pure Velvet Lipstick
Alima Pure Velvet Lipstick - $28.00

What's a look without a bold lip! Alima Pure Velvet Lipstick is made with a luxe blend of natural oils and waxes, to moisturize and saturate your lips in rich, hydrating color, leaving a comfortable, semi-matte finish. Velvet Lipstick performs like a lipstick, but feels more like a balm.

Our choice for any holiday look - Olivia!


  • Emma - plummy, rosy pink
  • Odessa - bright, rosy pink
  • Lucy - light, creamy peach
  • Iris - warm, terracotta
  • Olivia - vibrant, juicy red
  • Stella - Deep, vampy red


Have a great time! Have fun, stay safe and enjoy.