As the flowers begin to bloom and our skin/bodies begin to recoup from the havoc winter wrecked (dryness, dullness, acne, itching, must we go on...), you will want to start swapping out your winter weather staples for airier and lighter alternatives. 

Here are some of our favorites to keep you dewy and fresh faced all summer long!

Ursa Major Hoppin' Fresh Deodorant

Let's start with a key product to keep you smelling your best all day long, because let's be honest in the summer we tend to sweat, we mean 'glisten!'

Company: Ursa Major

Product pick: Hoppin' Fresh Deodorant

What it does: This award-winning natural deodorant eliminates underarm odor while absorbing excess moisture and soothing skin. Its reliable performance, healthy ingredients and invigorating aroma will keep you fresh all day long.  Even better, this crisp, clean naturally-cooling deodorant stick also comes in a convenient travel size.

Price: $18.00 / 2.9oz

body oil

When the heat hits we prefer to transition to oil versus lotion for moisture, as lotion tends to make us sweat.  We love applying immediately after showering when we are still a little damp to fully lock in moisture.

Company: Maya Chia

Product pick: The Revitalizer, Beautifying Supercritical Body Oil 

What it does: The Revitalizer, beautifying supercritical body oil is a true superfood for the skin. This proprietary blend provides a fast-absorbing, nourishing and luxurious 24-hour moisture treat for the body. The amazing combination of grape seed, supercritical chia, marula, baobab, pomegranate, cranberry, and pumpkin seed oil provides an excellent source of essential fatty acids, antioxidants, vitamins and sterols to help revitalize and tone the appearance of the skin for a more youthful, radiant look.  Named a Best Clean Body Oil by Gwyneth Paltrow’s Goop

Price: $48.00 / 3.4oz

Even though you tend to feel oilier in the summer months, the last thing you want to do is wash your face and strip out all of the oil, so when you find a face wash that doesn't leave you stripped and dry it's a game changer.

Company: Lather

Product pick: Caviar Lime AHA Cleansing Crème

What it does: Reveal a smoother, brighter and more even-looking complexion with this luxurious and creamy foaming cleanser infused with Caviar Lime, a small yet powerful citrus fruit from Australia. Also known as Finger Lime or Microcitrus Australasica, Caviar Lime is especially rich in precious alpha hydroxy acids that gently exfoliate the skin’s surface to reveal more supple and radiant skin. The fruit also contains brightening, skin-protecting antioxidant Vitamin C.

With the addition of water, the thick cream transforms into a velvety soft mousse to sweep away dirt, excess oil and makeup. The formulation is enriched with nourishing botanicals that include meadowfoam seed oil, an excellent source of Vitamin E, and sodium hyaluronate (from hyaluronic acid) to keep skin’s moisture in balance.Take your time as you massage the cleanser over your face, breathing in the light citrus aroma as the alpha hydroxy acids go to work. Your skin and senses will feel refreshed and renewed. Gentle enough for daily use.

Price: $23.00 / 4oz

We love multitasking products, so when we find a fantastic SPF that works just as well as a facial moisturizer we are hooked.  Less layering of products during the hot summer months is a month to prevent excess oil buildup.

Company: Hynt Beauty

Product pick: Sun Prep Broad Spectrum SPF 25

What it does:  SUN PREP Broad Spectrum Skincare SPF25 (50ml / 1.7oz) protects delicate skin from UVA/UVB rays utilizing a barrier of protection with non-nano particle, micronized Titanium Dioxide. This formula does not contain chemical type SPF. This coveted formula offers a soothing and protective feel to the skin while creating a flawless looking base.

Price: $55.00 / 1.7oz

The perfect skin prep that doubles as a pick-me-up throughout the day to continue that gorgeous dewy glow.

Company: Josh Rosebrook

Product pick: Hydrating Accelerator

What it does:  Best described as liquid nutrition in a bottle, this marshmallow-scented moisturizing spray primes your skin to drink up all the benefits of your skincare routine. Just a few spritzes after cleansing softens skin, allowing ingredients to soak in. Its ingredient list is impressive, containing antioxidant-rich aloe, marula, ashwagandha, dandelion, licorice, elderberry and seabuckthorn, to name a few—all of which merge to support the appearance of plump, glowing and youthful skin. Also wonderful as a makeup setter and refresher, this hydrating elixir can be used anytime you need a boost of radiance.

Price: $35.00 / 4oz