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Khus+Khus Lemon Body Potion

Lemon Body Potion

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  • Description
    6.7oz l 200ml

    Use this intensively hydrating potion daily. Packed with calming, restoring, and relaxing ingredients to hydrate dry skin that has been depleted by stress and environmental toxins and sensitive skin conditions. The fresh lemon aroma is very uplifting and perfect for morning routines. Included is the ingredient Amalaki, which is high in Vitamin C. It’s a rejuvenating herb that has high anti-inflammatory properties.

    • LEMON  | distilled bright effervescent, fresh lemon aroma, softer than, but not as tart as our cold-pressed lemon. 

    • CHAMPA FLOWER  Co2 | used in India as an offering to the gods and goddesses. An offering to the incarnation of Laxmi, the goddess wealth, and prosperity opens energetic channels allowing for prosperity to flow. The chemical composition of Champa is incredibly complex containing 240 constituents. It cools and moisturizes the skin, well known to have grounding effects on the mind and body.

    • NEW CALEDONIA SANDALWOOD | recorded uses dating at least 4000 years ago, a well-known and highly regarded aromatic oil. Considered to be an integral part of eastern religious and spiritual rituals. It is an intoxicating aroma with intense calming effects on the body and mind.

    • BULGARIAN ROSE | exalted in history, rose is a well-known medicinal flower and is one of the most complex essential oils in the world, containing more than 400 chemical compounds. This means it contains a vast array of diverse skin therapeutic properties.

    • MORINGA OIL |  containing several bioactive compounds which have antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties, when used topically beneficial for acne and inflamed skin conditions. These compounds include tocopherols, catechins, quercetin, ferulic acid, and zeatin. 

    • AMALAKI | highly revered in Ayurvedic medicine also known as Indian gooseberry extremely high in Vit C with 3000 mg per fruit, considered a nutritive tonic and rejuvenating herb, highly anti-inflammatory known as a rasayana rebuilds and maintains tissues.

  • moringa oleifera (moringa) butter, *emblica officinalis (amla) oil, *citrus limon (distilled lemon), +hippophae rhamnoides (sea buckthorn), rosa x damascena (rose bulgaria), +michelia champaca (champa co2), +santalum austrocaledonicum (new caledonia sandalwood), sambucus nigra (elderberry) fruit extract

    Denotes *organic+sus.wildcrafted

  • Use this intensively hydrating potion daily for maximum results. Apply to the body anytime throughout the day to uplift the spirit and hydrate the body. This potion is a great alternative to perfume.

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