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The Skin Revolution Mask

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    3.4oz l 100ml

    The Skin Revolution Mask is a powerful powder mask formulated to transform dull, congested and sluggish skin to a clear and illuminated complexion. The most well-known benefit of Skin Revolution Mask is its ability to improve skin clarification and brightness within the first use.

    Synergistically blended with extraordinary spices, biodynamic herbs and rice enzymes to deeply cleanse skin, the Skin Revolution removes debris, releases congestion within pores and stimulates cells for better circulation to help with nutrient absorption. Additionally, it activates natural collagen production, which improves skin texture and tones the skin to reduce the appearance of pores.

    The formula now includes a short-chain prebiotic, a food for your good skin bacteria. A very specific molecule sized sugar, allows the microbiome to quickly feed and regenerate before the rinse off. This particular addition adds great benefit to our original formula by strengthening your skin barrier and fortifying its immune system for better hydration and protection.

    Scent Experience: Imagine walking into the home of a natural healer — walls are stacked high with spices and herbs, connecting you to Mother Earth. Infused with the exotic scents of Jasmine, Ylang Ylang, Rose, Carrot Seed, Neroli and Vanilla to provide aromatherapy and calm your mind.

    • Terminalia Chebula is one of the most prized fruits due to its high levels of vitamin C. This dense antioxidant minimizes fine lines, firms and brightens skin texture and overall preserves skin's youth due to its high Vitamin C content (stronger than Vitamin C when in synergy with other plants in our formula). anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory properties.

      In an 8- week study, the Terminalia Chebula extract proved its ability to reverse the visible signs of environmental pollution-induced skin damage. This powerful antioxidant can reduce inflammation and may strengthen full-thickness skin architecture for the treatment of skin aging, chronic wounds, evening skin tone, smoothing roughness and giving the look of firmer and brighter skin. 

    • Pueraria Mirifica - Commonly known as Kwao Krua in Southeast Asia. Pueraria Mirifica is indigenous to the Northern part of Thailand.  Due to significantly high amounts of phytoestrogen, plant molecules that possess estrogen-like activity, Kwao Krua has been used both internally and topically for estrogen stimulation. Additionally, containing isoflavonoid called puerarin which supports the thickening of the skin and increases collagen type 1 for fuller and plumper skin appearance. 

    • Prebiotic is food for your microbiome, a sugar extracted from Chicory plant in a very  specific molecule to feed only the beneficial microbiome on your skin. It improves skin health by multiplying the skin microbiota, optimizing and restoring the balance of the microbiota of the skin, enhancing the skins natural defense barrier, calms skin flareups and supports the strengthening of the skin barrier for overall health of skin. 

    • Black Rice Powder and Black Rice Water are high in the anthocyanin, the major antioxidant compound that protects against reactive oxygen that causes premature aging. Increases collagen production, is anti-inflammatory, and prevents photo-aging of the skin. Additionally, rich in amino acids to maintain hydration and calm inflammation. A powerful antioxidant detoxifies skin and acts as a natural exfoliant.

  • Black Rice*(Clear congestion, brighten skin), Calcium Carbonate (detoxes pores, absorbs excess oil, adjusts Ph within formula) Mung Bean*(skin brightener, potent antioxidants), Marshmallow*(intensely hydrates, anti-irritant, soothe redness) Ocimum Gratissimum*(anti-microbial, fights acne, tightens and firms skin), Terminalia Chebula* (potent source of vitamin C, fights bacteria) Thanaka Bark**(tighten skin appearance, fights acne, cools and brightens skin) Gypsum (soothes inflammation, releases heat from skin, treats redness such as eczema or sunburns), Cassia Tora* (draws and retains moisture to the skin), Lodhra Tree Bark*(free-radical scavengers, anti-inflammatory, heals wounds) Indian Madder* (anti-allergies, relieves redness and heat from skin), Nutmeg* (lightens dark spots, fights against infection and heals acne), Royal Jelly*(supports collagen production, heals wounds), Pine Pollen*** (inhibits growth of acne bacterial), Plai*** (releases heat, reduces inflammation and swelling in skin trauma),***, Chinese Red Ginseng*(relieves swelling and inflammation in the skin), Inulin & Frusctose (sugar molecule extracted from the chicory plant), Vitamin C (brightens post-trauma hyperpigmentation, fights free-radicals), Wild Turmeric***(potent anti-inflammatory soothes swelling and redness), , Turmeric***(anti-inflammatory, brightens dark spots), Ginger*(heals and stimulates circulation), Ashwagandha**(powerful antioxidants, prevents cell breakdown and premature aging), Coriander Seed*(antiseptic, anti-allergy, soothes irritated skin), Acacia Concinna***(cleanses and detoxifies the pores), Mangosteen**(powerful antioxidants and antibacterial), Long Pepper*(enhances penetration, anti-inflammatory), Pueraria Mirifica*(rejuvenates and plumps the skin), Ylang Ylang Oil* (balancing sebum, tones and clears acne), Jasmine Sambac Oil* (supports cell repair, evens skin tone), Vanilla Fruit CO2 Extract* (treats acne and anti-bacterial), Sweet Orange Oil*(decongests and brighten), Immortelle Oil* (anti-inflammation, decreases the appearance of fine lines), Geranium Rose Oil* (antibacterial, soften and refines pores), Rose Otto Oil* (antiseptic, astringent and anti-inflammatory), Bulgarian Rose Absolute* (evens skin tone and reduces sun damage), Carrot Seed Oil* (restores healthy skin tissue for sensitive skin such as eczema, dermatitis ), Grapefruit Oil* (brightens and smooths), Neroli Oil* (stimulates cell regeneration, balances oil production), Lavender Oil* (reduces pain and inflammation), Lemon Oil* (decongests and reduces oil).

  • Take 1 heaping teaspoon of the powder mask and 3 teaspoons of hot water.

    Mix well and allow the mask to steep, activating the formula, similar to a fresh cup of tea. For dry or sensitive skin, mix a few drops of our Twilight BeCalm Skin Serum in at this step. Or you can supplement with honey.

    When the mask transforms into a paste, apply generously to your face and décolleté area.

    Lightly mist your skin with water or toner, keeping the mask wet and activated will increase efficacy. After 45-60 minutes rinse the mask off with warm water and follow with hydrating step.