Isn’t it funny that we wash our face every day (often 2x), but don’t think much about the products we use so regularly? It seems that as long as we feel that our face is clean, that the product has done it's part! Did you know, that many facial cleansers are actually packed with harsh chemicals that can irritate and damage not only your skin, but your health? 

Chemicals like sodium laureth sulfate (SLES), parabens and other harsh chemicals typically found in our store bought face cleaners can actually have long-term effects and an impact on our internal organs, never mind our external complexions. 

All-natural and organic cleansers on the other hand leverage the power of nature’s most potent fruits, vegetables, herbs, and clays in order to dramatically cleanse, repair, and nourish the skin. 

Restore your pH naturally and pamper your beautiful visage with our list of the top  all-natural, 'good-for-you' cruelty-free facial cleansers. 


Company: Juice Beauty

Product pick: GREEN APPLE Brightening Gel Cleanser

What it is: This is a plant-based anti-aging cleanser that uses alpha + beta hydroxy fruit acids, antioxidants, and aloe vera to both exfoliate and repair mature skin. Organic fruit acids from green apples, grapes, lemons, and oranges resurface the skin to improve tone, brightness, and overall complexion. If you’re looking for an organic face wash that will also improve age spots and discoloration - this is it.

Skin Concerns: Aging skin, wrinkles, dull complexion, age spots/discoloration. 

Price: $28 (4 fl oz)


Company: FACE/FOOD Natural Skincare

Product pick: Blueberry Green Tea Cleansing Cream

What it is: Soften and soothe your skin while effectively removing all traces of dirt, makeup and grime. The Blueberry Green Tea Cleansing Cream acts as an antioxidant and anti-aging facial cleanser that works wonders for all skin types. Remove even the most stubborn eye makeup while providing the skin with essential vitamins A and C, powerful antioxidants and anti-inflammatory nourishing oils. Best for all skin types, including oily skin. 

Skin Concerns: Oily skin, aging skin, clogged pores.

Price: $20 (4 fl oz)


Company: Avalon Organics

Product pick: Wrinkle Therapy CoQ10 Cleansing Milk

What it is: This soap-free organic face wash is great for those with dry and/or mature skin types who also have sensitive skin. For dry skin and wrinkles, ingredients like rosehip seed oil, aloe, and hyaluronic acid will work to plump, hydrate, and retain moisture all day long. For anti-aging, CoQ10 gives your skin the energy that it needs to rebuild. This non-foaming cleanser is gentle and great for the spring months.

Skin Concerns: dry/sensitive skin, aging skin, wrinkles.

Price: $9 (8.5 fl oz)


Company: Tata Harper 

Product pick: Regenerating Cleanser

What it is: A perfect exfoliating cleanser for clogged pores, uneven skin tone, and mature skin types! Made from 100% natural and 82% certified organic ingredients, this organic face wash is a true luxury. Using a combination of clays, enzymes, and essential oils this organic cleanser exfoliates, decongests, and minimizes the size of pores. A fan favorite of Tata Harper's with hundreds of five star reviews.

Skin Concerns: Oily/combination skin, clogged pores, uneven skin tone, aging skin, large pores.

Price: $78 (4.1 fl oz)


Company: Mullein and Sparrow

Product pick: Lemon Rose Face Wash

What it is: Formulated with purity in mind, this daily face wash features the gentle cleansing properties of castile soap delicately scented with organic essential oils for a wholesome cleanse without any extraneous or unnecessary elements.  Helps to lift impurities and remove makeup and is ideal for all skin types.

Skin Concerns: Sensitive skin, dull skin, uneven skin tone.

Price: $36 (2 fl oz)