THE TRUTH ON TOOTHPASTE: Why make the switch to clean

We know you have switched to clean beauty - but have you changed your oral care to an all-natural option?  Toothpaste is one of those products that might seem fine, no matter what option you use - and let's be honest, every time we go to the dentist they continue to push brands like Crest and Colgate, but the reality is many  potentially cancer-causing substances may be found in some brands of toothpaste.
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One of the main ingredients to be on the lookout for in your toothpaste is triclosan.  Back in September, the FDA banned triclosan, an antibacterial substance, from soaps. Findings suggested that long-term exposure could lead to negative health impacts, like bacterial resistance or effects on hormones and a 2014 study found that triclosan could be associated with liver cancer in mice.  Nonetheless, some toothpastes, like Colgate Total, still contain triclosan because it may help to prevent plaque and gingivitis. Two other scary ingredients are sodium lauryl sulfate and diethanolamine, the chemicals that help toothpaste to foam. However, they can interfere with the proper functioning of taste buds, are known hormone disruptors and contain a potential carcinogen that is thought to be linked to cancers of the stomach, liver, bladder and esophagus, as well as a number of other negative impacts.  The most controversial ingredients though continue to be fluoride and propylene glycol.  Fluoride has been linked by studies to brain damage, lower IQ in children, hyperactivity, bone cancer, genetic damage and other deleterious effects and propylene glycol is a mineral oil that, in the industrial grade form, is also used in antifreeze and airplane de-icers — not exactly the kind of thing you want to ingest! It’s known to irritate the eyes, skin and lungs. And it is believed that it may cause organ system toxicity.

There are so many amazing clean options out there that making the switch should be the easiest decision of your day!

We are devoted Tom's of Maine users, but remember to stay away from the fluoride options.  Some other great brands to try are: 

- Davids

- Weleda

- Estrella

Switch today and get that smile toxic free!