We've all been there, it was a crazy day at work, you are exhausted and ready to catch those much needed 8-hours of beauty sleep.  The only issue, the minute your head hit's the pillow you are wide awake - thinking about all the work you didn't finish, the groceries you need to buy and how you haven't worked out in weeks!  While we can't help you squash that inner voice that keeps you up at night, we do have some pointers on how to set the perfect mood and environment to maximize some shut eye!

Women's The Bookclub One Hundred Beers Of Solitude 52Mm Reading Glasses - 


Hey workaholic, listen up.  According to studies, cutting down on blue light (from those pesky screens on all of your many devices) can seriously upgrade the quality of sleep you log each night. That being said, we know that turning off your phone, iPad or laptop isn't always an option, so if you're working later than expected or reading on a device in bed, consider a pair of (super-chic) blue-light-blocking spectacles.  We've even transitioned to these during the workday, as staring at a blue light screen ALL DAY can wreak havoc on our eye sight! These beauties above are from The Bookclub, but a simple google search comes back with $12 options even on Amazon. 


No matter how tired you are, take time for a little self care before bed. Washing your face at night not only removes that makeup you applied 14 hours prior, but it also helps to remove the dirt, dust, smoke, and sweat that accumulates throughout the day.  Gross, right!  It might not sound like much, but simply taking time to wash your face will relax you before bed.  Added plus, it won't ruin your day tomorrow to find a massive pimple from clogged pores from the night before!


Although we are totally onboard with some silk pj's we are actually talking about a silk eye mask!  More than just a sleeping accessory, this little gem is a true multi-benefit wonder.  Not only is a silk sleep mask more gentle than it's cotton counterparts, it is loaded with sleep benefits and even some anti-aging ones.  It improves your sleep quality, allows you to fall asleep quicker, helps block out harmful blue light, relaxes you and can even turn back the hands of time!  

Most people don't realize that silk is actually packed with organic and natural proteins in every thread that help to alleviate cases of breakouts, rashes and other skin conditions. The mulberry variety, among the most common types of silk, even contains a protein called sericin which reduces allergic reactions. Are you a side sleeper, waking up with creases?  Silk, a fabric known for its smooth and supple texture, will actually help to minimize those lines. And since it’s packed with organic proteins, silk can also help retain your skin’s natural moisture, allowing your skin to bask in those serums you put before you head to bed. This also means that no drop of your expensive face creams was wasted.



Turn to Tata Harper's Aromatic Bedtime Treatment for a little boost from mother nature next time you are having trouble relaxing and settling your mind before bed.  This aromatherapeutic calming scent soothes the mind for restful sleep with a blend of natural essential oils. Lavender, Roman chamomile, and clary sage help inspire a sense of tranquility and serenity for easy sleep.  For best results, apply liberally to palms and pulse points of wrist and neck, rub hands together and inhale deeply. Use as often as needed.


Remember when you were a kid and the best part of every night when you went to bed, was when you would get tucked in?  More like swaddled, but there was a method to this madness and it wasn't just so you were less inclined to sneak out of bed, the wrapping and tucking helped you sleep better.  According to a recent post on Bustle, weighted blankets carry the same type of experience and just might be another strategic key for superior sleep. "This might help recreate the coziness of being in the womb," says sleep doctor and psychiatrist Alex Dimitriu.  Just make sure you crank of the air conditioning too to compensate!