If there’s one season to rule them all in the world of natural skincare –it’s Summer.

Late warm evenings give us more reason to get outside for activities, brunch or a quiet read in the park. With all this extra time outdoors you should be armed with an arsenal of good-for-you products that actually work! We’ve rounded up a few summer staples you’ll want to have in your beach bag. These natural skincare products are not only good for your skin, they’re soon-to-be the products you swear by.

The first must of the summer is SPF – it’s so important, we’ve picked out two products at two price points to support you on your brightest outdoor days. A little sun is good for the soul, but we want to make sure our skin doesn’t experience any irreversible damage.

Solara Suncare Clean Freak SPF

Our product pick: Clean Freak

Company: Solara Suncare

Why we picked it: This sheer sunscreen packs a punch with vitamins C/D/E and a non-nano, non-coated zinc oxide. With a proprietary blend of botanicals, this mineral SPF supports your skin and helps it repair during and after exposure. This multi-purpose SPF beauty can be used both on your body and face.  Another Solara Suncare SPF product we love includes their Pout Protector Moisturizing Lip Serum, SPF 15.

Price point: Normally $28.00 – on sale now for $15.00

LePaar ELEMENTAL DAY SILK / 12% Non-Nano Zinc Outdoor Fluid

Also check out: Elemental Day Silk / 12% Non-Nano Zinc Outdoor Fluid

Company: LEPAAR

Why we picked it: This isn’t your average SPF. With a micro dose of Ylang Ylang and strong antioxidant plant extracts, non-nano, uncoated mineral zinc helps this silky moisturizer serve as an excellent primer or standalone. The ingredient list alone is delicious, and the fragrance profile is what summer night memories are made of. Speaking of sun - LEPAAR uses the unique ancient method of sun-infusion to gently release the medicinal properties from their flowers, fruit, skins, leaves, bark, resins, seeds, even wood and minerals, into biodynamic Olive oil with the divine energy of the Sun over a period of 4-6 months – sometimes up to 1 year for a specifically precious vintage.

Price point: $55.00


Next up – exfoliate and smooth. There’s nothing quite like that first shower after a day of natural exfoliation on a sandy beach. You can get that supple summer skin, beach or no beach with a great body polish.

 One Love Organics Botanical C Body Polish

Our product pick: Botanical C Body Polish

Company: One Love Organics

Why we picked it: What’s amazing about this body polish is that it’s a one-step exfoliant, cleanser and moisturizer all-in-one. Prep your legs for that sunless tanner in a snap with this luxurious and gentle foaming sugar-based polish or just get that soft smooth skin you crave. With shea butter and aloe to soften and soothe your skin – your body will be thanking you.

Price point: $48.00


Ready for a summer routine upgrade? Introducing Gua Sha. Originating from Chinese medicine, one little cooling tool can contour, promote metabolic cell repair and support lymphatic drainage. It feels pretty wonderful, too. More toning with our summer tan? Count us in. Odacite Crystal Contour Gua Sha Green Aventurine Beauty Tool

Our product pick: Crystal Contour Gua Sha Green Aventurine Beauty Tool

Company: Odacité

Why we picked it: Why just pamper and reap the Gua Sha awards for your face, this unique tool can be used on your body too for some serious body therapy. This tool is designed to tighten, tone, sculpt, smooth the skin.  It also stimulates energy flow, releases tension, and smooths connective tissue in dimpled areas.

Price point: $45.00


Say no to sun-spots and yes to Vitamin C – maybe you’ve got a vitamin c serum on your counter but it doesn’t currently make it into your daily routine. With vitamin C, quality matters. Nature’s given us a perfect serum for skin lightening. 

 Naturallogic Resilien-C Antioxidant Booster

Our product pick: Resilien-C Antioxidant Booster

Company: Naturallogic

Why we picked it: We love this product because it pairs high quality vitamin C with trans retinoic acid from rosehips and cacay. This innovative booster also contains CoQ10 – which is a powerhouse against free radical damage. Squalane takes the stage in a fast absorbing layer of protection – resulting in brighter, firmer and more youthful looking skin.

Price point: $115.00


Finally, get rosy and balmy naturally – with natural tinted lip and face balms. What’s better than that fresh and flushed look after being outside or a great workout? How about a rosy glow with none of the sun damage and half of the effort!


Our product pick: Tinted Sole Lip + Face Balms

Company: LEPAAR

Why we picked it: A brand we love so much we had to pick it twice for this Summer round-up! With a beautiful color range, You can find just he perfect shade for your skin color.  Balms are made of rejuvenating papaya oil, beeswax, edible Mica and healing Calendula extracts. Try the Ruby sole for a pretty pink flush.

Price point: $22.00

There you have it – the makings of what could be the best natural skincare routine for summer yet. Whether on vacation or during a summer night of self-care, these products are about to be your best summer habit in the months to come. Give them a shot and later, let us know how we did. Catch up with us on Instagram and let us know what you’re loving in natural and organic skincare this summer.