If we had to play the "If you were stranded on an island game" and only choose one product to bring we would always choose a Facial Mist.  If you had one item you could add to your daily routine, we recommend this super simple, yet incredibly beneficial beauty product.  In need of a little multitasking magic? These babies are refreshing, easy to apply and with only a few spritz your skin can feel dewy, hydrated and instantly nourished.

Still battling some winter skin woes? Apply a few spritzes of any all-natural, cruelty-free facial mist to your skin daily and your skin will award you with calming stressed skin and hydrating thirsty and depleted pores for an all-round 'Yaassss' look.  We love spraying before or after makeup—both will help with that dewy glow we’re all chasing—or even to a bare face when makeup isn’t in the cards - or post workout for a little pick-me-up. It’s a quick, nutritious way to treat your skin to all the benefits mists provide.  Facial mists are the perfect product to toss in your purse for a midday boost and our 'Go-To' for any new product to add to your daily routine.

Interested in getting your mist on?  Here are our favorites:


Company: Mūn

Product pick: Anarose Hydrating Rose Toner

What it is: Anarose Hydrating Rose Toner offers an essential step to balance the skin’s pH after cleansing. Bulgarian Rosewater instantly soothes even the most sensitive skin while Hyaluronic acid firms and provides long-lasting hydration. Willow Bark Extract contains natural salicylic acid to exfoliate dead cells for a healthy glow and prepares the skin to receive nutrients. Goji Berry Extract helps reduce free radical damage and provides anti-aging benefits. A combination of Rose, Jasmine and Daisy Extracts recreates the velvety sensation of petals on your skin. This toner has a pH range of 4.5-5. Effective for all skin types.

Price: $13

Company: Captain Blakenship

Product pick: Meteor Cosmic Freshening Spray

What it is: Captain Blankenship's Cosmic Freshening Spray is a potent blend of organic essential oils to freshening the mind, space and spirit. Likened to a walk in the woods under a clear, star-filled sky, the botanical potion can be spray anywhere that needs to be purified. Organic Vetiver Essential Oil has a grounding, earthy scent that clings deeply and freshens while wild harvested pine brings the familiar fragrance of the forest. Organic ylang ylang finishes off the aroma with celestial sweetness and harmony.

Price: $20

Company: Osea

Product pick: Sea Minerals Mist

What it is: This nourishing elixir delivers immediate hydration and prepares skin for maximum absorption of serums and moisturizers. Organic Patagonian Seaweed, Dead Sea Salt, and Aloe Vera provide mineral-rich hydration and help soften skin for a balanced, toned and soothed complexion. Supercharged with Mineral Peptides to plump skin. Reduces appearance of surface redness and pores for a perfectly revitalized look.

Price: $38

Company: Juice Beauty

Product pick: Hydrating Mist

What it is: Tone with this refreshing blend of rosehip, ylang ylang, resveratrol-rich grapeseed oil and antioxidant- rich organic botanical juices for a fresh, radiant complexion.

Price: $25

Company: Fig + Yarrow

Product pick: Complexion Water

What it is: Complexion Waters are reparative, balancing, toning and aromatherapeutic skin hydrating mists made with certified organic floral distillates and pure essential oils.  Choose from two blends with unique benefits.  Our favorite is the Rose/Sandalwood/Neroli blend which is a constructively indulgent and seductively aromatic marriage of orange blossom and rose petal waters with sustainably harvested sandalwood oil.

Price: $42