RITUEL DE FILLE Ash and Ember Eye Soot
Ash and Ember Eye Soot
Ash and Ember Eye Soot
Ash and Ember Eye Soot
Ash and Ember Eye Soot
Ash and Ember Eye Soot
Ash and Ember Eye Soot
Ash and Ember Eye Soot
Ash and Ember Eye Soot
Ash and Ember Eye Soot
Ash and Ember Eye Soot

Ash and Ember Eye Soot

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  • Description
    .17oz l 4.9ml

    A magical concoction of intense, smoldering, everlasting color with a rich texture between powder and cream. This unique product is made with pure pigments and oils. It does not contain any waxes—so it will never melt with the warmth of your skin, making Ash and Ember Eye Soots highly resistant to creasing and fading.

    These unique colors can be worn as a shadow, liner or base. Apply with fingertips or a dense brush for a smudged, dramatic eye. Use an angled brush to wear as a liner.


    • Anima: The spirit of life, expressed in a soft flush of radiant mauve pink eyeshadow. Warm blush highlights create a remarkably dimensional color merging cool and warm tones. This natural pink eyeshadow is capable of diffusing to subtlety and wearing in full boldness.
    • Sigil: A warm rosé champagne shimmer eyeshadow with subtle, sheer golden sparks and a softly glimmering finish. This soft pink eyeshadow shade is a resonant whisper. Sigil brings light to any eye color, and can be worn either as an all-over wash, a highlight, or a brightening liner.
    • Garland: A luminous rosewater pink with subtle iridescence.
    • Incantation: A diffusion of illuminating rose. With a swipe of the finger or brush, this dimensional blush rose colored eyeshadow shade is extraordinary for everyday wear.
    • Exuviae  This beautifully complex maroon eyeshadow shade was drawn from the husks of cicadas, the subtle shimmer of shifting insect wings, the blush of a just-ripening fig pollinated by wasps. Exuviae is a dramatic, deep rose taupe eyeshadow with a shimmer finish.
    • Half Light: We love applying this light taupe eyeshadow as a base to create depth in a smoky look, or on its own for a subtly mysterious gaze.
    • Circle of Fire: A rich fuchsia rose colored eyeshadow makeup, complex and dramatic yet still beautifully wearable. Diffuse from the lashline for subtlety, and swipe across the lid with your finger or favorite smudge brush for a bolder gaze.
    • Golden Age: A warm, burnished gold bronze shimmer eyeshadow and eyeliner with a smoky undertone.
    • Cultist: A stunning gray-taupe eyeshadow and eyeliner of extraordinary depth, with a subtle gold sheen and translucent light-capturing sparks.
    • Serpent de Mer: A dramatic dark violet shimmer eyeshadow with burnt taupe and subtle metallic bronze highlights.
    • Obsidian: A rich black obsidian eyeshadow and eyeliner pigment with metallic sheen.

    • Caprylic/Capric Triglycerides, Silica (Silicon Dioxide), Helianthus Annuus (Sunflower) Seed Oil, Rosmarinus Officinalis (Rosemary) Leaf Extract, Tocopherol (Non-GMO Soy Derived)

    • HOW TO USE:
    • With either fingertips or brushes, apply vertical pressure in the jar; think pressing, rather than just swiping. And unlike traditional pressed eye shadows, you do not have to be delicate with your Ash and Ember Eye Soots as the product cannot crack or shatter.

      We recommend using dense, firmer bristled brushes to be able to pick up the most product, and some of the easiest shapes to start with are short smudge brushes and angled liner brushes.

      Eye Soots are a true all-in-one eye product. If you are new to the world of Rituel de Fille, we suggest you try application on bare skin first to get a feel for how your colors will apply and wear on you.