Live Botanical Clear Skies Hydramist

Clear Skies Hydramist

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    3.4oz l 100ml

    New Limited Release:

    A medley of Witch-hazel and Sweet Annie hydrosols plus our garden-grown meadowsweet lend comfort from common skin woes. A plethora of cooling whole plant compounds that soothe irritations from active breakouts, sunburn, bites, and cuts.  When used as part of facial care rituals, we find this beneficial for those who tend to produce more oil.

    No added essential oils where the natural, unique aroma transports you to a summer thunderstorm on a wide-open prairie.  A scent of big sky, cool earth, green twigs, and sagebrush-like sweetness.

    Hydrosols are a staple in herbal skincare to incorporate water-soluble nutrients such as trace aromatic compounds and biological acids. Resulting in a base that’s perfect for balancing the skin's pH, incorporating hydration, and improving the absorption of key ingredients from follow-up steps such as facial and body oils.

  • We start with a base of local, small farm-produced hydrosols distilled in copper vessels using fresh plant material. This captures all the volatiles including the cellular water from the living plant. We feel this vibrant approach creates the most effective antioxidant profile.

    Hydro distilled Witch-hazel is very different than what you would experience in a commercial setting. Most witch-hazel products are stabilized with large amounts of alcohol/ethanol which can be disruptive to the lipid barrier and is extremely drying. An unadulterated version on the other hand is one of the most antioxidant-rich hydrosols available. Known for calming redness, helping with wounds, reducing scarring from active eruptions, and soothes discomfort from irritations including sunburn.

    Sweet Annie, part of the artemisia family, is a powerful herb for internal use - though as a topical it can limit flareups caused by not-so-helpful bacteria, provide general wound care and further cleanse the skin.  Where energetically it helps disperse excess heat making it perfect for summer.

    A Live Botanical favorite, Meadowsweet, carries delicate and creamy flowers that perfume the air with their magic while bees tiptoe to gather nectar. It is favored in skincare as an inflammation modulator while providing some refinement with naturally occurring salicylic acid. Working in concert with all the ingredients to even out the skin tone.

    Tamarind Seed Extract (TSE) has shown parallels with Hyaluronic Acid (HA) to effectively hydrate and visibly plump and soften. TSE is sustainably harvested and gives additional life to seeds that would otherwise be discarded. Abundant in a special class of polysaccharides (long sugar molecules) called xyoglucans. This compound bind water molecules to the skin in a gentle, bioavailable process.

    Oats soothe irritated, sensitive skin and can increase moisture when paired with other humectants like TSE.

    Nettles, Lemon Balm, Elder Flower, and Plantain provide a menagerie of rich nutrients and minerals including Vitamins B and C, iron, copper, manganese, silicium, phosphorus, potassium, calcium, and manganese, as well it contains bioflavonoids, saponins, phenolic and caffeic acids, alkaloids and tannins.

    • Minerals maintain regular skin functions such as lipid production and cellular turnover.
    • Bioflavonoids/Phenolic compounds like ursolic acid and quercetin have an inhibitory effect on elastase and collagenase activities. In short, slowing down the enzymes that cause a breakdown of nutrients like Vitamin C and peptide bonds of collagen - thus helping to strengthen the elasticity of the skin.
    • Saponins clarify the skin by accelerating biological activities including anti-bacterial, anti-viral, anti-oxidation, and anti-inflammatory.

    Wild Pansy flower essence, also called Heart's Ease, uplifts the heart and strengthens our emotional intelligence from the heaviness of the world.

    • hamamelis virginiana (witch-hazel) hydrosol*^, artemisia annua (sweet annie) hydrosol*^, distilled water, glycerin, [extracts of filipendula ulmaria (meadowsweet)leaf & flower*^, urtica dioica (nettle) leaf*^, melissa officinalis (lemon balm) leaf*^, sambucus nigra (elder) flower*^ and plantago major (plantain) leaf*^], avena sativa (oat) extract*^, lactobacillus ferment, pentylene glycol (derived from sugar beet), tamarindus indica (tamarind) seed extract, and heart's ease flower essence*^

      *organic   |   ^regionally sourced

    • HOW TO USE:
    • After cleansing, apply the toner by either misting generously directly on the face OR saturating a cotton round and sweeping over the skin.

      It can also be used to reduce discomfort from minor cuts and over-sunned skin.

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