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Khus+Khus - Especial K Toning Mist

Especial K Toning Mist

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  • Description
    3.38oz l 100ml

    This product assists in increasing hydration and enhancing firmness of the skin. With Rose Water as one of the main ingredients, it cools clearing heat and tension. Helps dry parched and inflamed skin to soften and maintain hydration.

    • VITAMIN K |  liposomes were designed to provide the benefits of Vit K with enhanced delivery due to a unique encapsulation technology. The liposomes attach and fuse to cellular membranes, releasing their contents into the target cells. Specifically designed to minimize skin imbalances, and reduce the appearance of dark circles and redness associated with premature aging. 

    • SAFFRON | stem cells scientific research suggests that plant stem cells can slow the skin aging process by defending against extrinsic stress. High in phenolic compounds, gallic acid demonstrates high antimicrobial and antioxidant properties. This is how we combat environmental skin stress, by providing the skin a protective plant molecule layer. 

    • REISHI MUSHROOM | stem cells contain moisture-binding properties to maximize epidermal hydration while stimulating collagen synthesis for optimal skin health benefits. 

    • BULGARIAN ROSE WATER | ecocert organic highly recommended in the herbal community as a hormone balancer, due to its action on the endocrine system. The nervous system also benefits from its calm and cooling actions. A humectant rose adds and retains moisture and is suitable for normal to dry, mature sensitive, and devitalized skin.

  • *rosa damascena (rose damask), *hamamelis virginiana (with hazel), phospholipids, phytonadione, crocus sativus meristem cell extract, lactobacillus ganoderma lucidum (reishi mushroom extract) extract lentinus edodes (shiitake mushroom extract) ferment filtrate, citric acid, silver dihydrogen citrate(silver ion)

    *denotes organic +sustainably wild harvested

  • This special product assists in increasing hydration and enhancing firmness of the skin.  Can apply throughout the day, spray directly on face, neck and chest or apply to cotton swab and apply evenly to areas.