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    Laurel hydrosols are distilled exclusively for Laurel Skin by master distillers in small batches. They also happen to be distilled by the same individuals who farm and harvest them. These rare hydrosols take on the aromatic compounds of the plants, as well as the soul of the plants and land.


    • Frankinsense
    • Lavender
    • Chamomile
    • Calendula
    • California Rose
    • Rosemary
      • Frankincense –

        Laurel Skin’s organic Frankincense Hydrosol is distilled in the Northeast and harvested with great care for both the environment and its inhabitants in mind. This tree resin has been used for centuries to revitalize and strengthen the feel and appearance of the skin, and has powerful regenerative properties. Frankincense has a slightly resinous, warm, spicy, and woodsy scent.

      • Lavender - Laurel Skin’s biodynamic Lavender Hydrosol is farmed and distilled in California. Lavender Hydrosol is calming, cooling, anti-inflammatory, and soothing to the skin and mind. In addition to skin support, this soothing flower makes a beautiful room or body mist to continuously lower stress levels and keep you grounded. This Lavender hydrosol has a lightly floral and sweet scent, like honey.
      • Chamomile - This hydrosol has a notable phytochemical called Azulene, which is responsible for much of its calming and cooling abilities. Apply this Hydrosol to inflamed or cystic acne to reduce swelling and redness. On the body, use this on any irritated skin conditions such as eczema, psoriasis, rashes, burns, blisters or bug bites. This hydrosol is very safe and well suited to children of all ages. Chamomile is a nervine with anti-spasmodic and analgesic properties, which means it calms and soothes the nerves when they are under duress. In addition to treating all of the full body skin concerns above, try misting on the body anywhere nerve pain is experienced. Follow with an application of Sun Body Oil for a soothing medicinal treatment.
      • Calendula - Calendula is one of the most skin-healing herbs that we are aware of in all of herbal medicine. It is the perfect match for those with highly sensitive skin, reactive skin, a damaged lipid barrier, rosacea symptoms, or elemental skin damage. Energetically, Calendula is joyful, warm, and inviting. Aromatically this herbal hydrosol smells of fresh cut grass or dried hay.
      • California Rose - Rose hydrosol has protective and barrier strengthening properties. This Petal medicine is gentle and soothing to the skin, and is deeply hydrating and supportive to connective tissue. Roses reduce the appearance of fine lines and are potent free radical scavengers.
      • Rosemary - Rosemary is a healer. It encourages rejuvenation and repair through its antioxidant activity and movement. It is balancing to both oily and acneic skin, as well as dull skin that lacks radiance and vibrancy. Rosemary promotes healthy, shiny hair and it has long been used as a stimulant for thinning hair to restore fullness and strength.
    • Single Plant and Single Farm Artisan Distilled Hydrosol of Organically Cultivated ingredients

    • HOW TO USE:
    • Shake product well with each use and mist directly on to body, linens, or throughout the room and space. Inhale deeply. Repeat.

      Store this product in a cool, dry, and dark place. Use within 6 months of opening and within the use by date noted on the bottom of the bottle.