Live Botanical Jasmine & Cacao Lip + Cheek Balm

Jasmine & Cacao Lip + Cheek Balm

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    New Limited Release:

    A long-wearing lip treatment to soften dry lips and protect delicate skin from chapping during the colder seasons.  Overall it reduces discomfort and improves suppleness. Infused with a hint of delicious cacao butter and alluring jasmine to bring little moments of joy when applying.

    As a dense balm, it conditions using nutritive butters and oils that absorb to repair cracks where a thoughtful blend of waxes and plant sterols make an effective barrier to prevent water loss.

    • Scent: A comforting aroma of¬†warm,¬†dark chocolate¬†notes that meld with¬†a delicate, floral essence of jasmine. Some may pick up on bittersweet notes with raspberries.
    • Skin Types:¬†¬†Designed for all lip¬†types. For facial use, it is best¬†for those with dry skin.
    • Texture:¬†¬†On application it feels cushiony with a mild slip, adhering to the lips for an extended period of time.¬†We find a thick layer applied in the evening can still be felt when awakened.


  • Two different varieties of¬†Jasmnine (organic grandiflorum extract¬†& auriculatum wax)¬†promote well-being and repair¬†the skin from oxidative damage.

    Unrefined Cacao Butter imparts softness and works with the other oils to deeply moisturize. Working to improve elasticity to maintain plumpness.

    Unrefined golden Jojoba Oil absorbs quickly to restore balance, repair cracked lips, and reduce irritation.

    Pomegranate sterols are a Live Botanical favorite to protect ultra-dry skin. It’s incredible at limiting transdermal water loss and improving hydration. It can also improve overall density, a formulation approach to strengthen the thin, delicate skin of the lips. Improving the look and texture while limiting damage from environmental stressors.

    Raw local Beeswax not only creates a seal but also adds micronutrients and is anti-bacterial to limit congestion around the lip area.

    Cold-pressed Castor oil, a uniquely thick oil, also acts as a humectant to gather and hold onto hydration - critical to supporting dry lips and skin. We source this oil with sustainability and quality in mind. Grown by a co-op of small certified organic farms that control their own means of production to ensure fair wages + safety for all who harvest.

    Raw Coconut oil is a hero for lip care. Packed with fatty acids and antioxidants, it provides deep hydration, leaving lips feeling soft and supple. Renowned for forming a protective barrier, shielding delicate lip skin from environmental stressors. 

    • jojoba oil*^, cacao butter*#, coconut oil*#, jasmine wax & extract*, beeswax*^, pomegranate sterols, castor oil*#, and rosemary co2 extract*

      *organic  |  ^regionally sourced  |  #fairtrade/co-op

    • HOW TO USE:
      • Apply a thick layer to lips day or night to repair or to simply soften and plump.
      • Can be used on the facial skin to protect from more intensive dryness. Use as you would with any balm to seal in hydration as a final step in your ritual.
      • As a pomade, a tiny amount can be applied to brows or beards to smooth and shape.
      • Though incredibly mild it can be used as aromatherapy. Apply a small amount to the top of your hands or wrist and breathe deeply to inhale the scent. This is a lovely step to use what‚Äôs left on your finger after applying the balm elsewhere.¬†