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LILFOX Dewy Bean Dream Smoothing Bedtime Mask - 1.7oz. - $125.00 

Meet your new holy grail nighttime resurfacing treatment. This bouncy skin-refinishing mask provides retinol benefits without the sensitivity. A generous concentration of clinically proven Dew Bean (also commonly known as Moth Bean) provides results overnight. 

This protein and vitamin A-rich legume replaces conventional retinol which can cause peeling, and sun-sensitivity. The exfoliating and smoothing effects are further enhanced by its ability to retain moisture, earning this legume its luscious name. While Dew Bean polishes and plumps, Niacinamide, Lactic and Glycolic Acids act as the formula’s lightworkers, gently lifting away dry skin, lightening dark spots and inspiring cellular renewal. Organic Aloe, Bamboo Extract, mini and micro molecules of Sodium Hyaluronate ensure pillowy soft skin by morning.   

  • Results:¬†Instantly smooth skin when worn overnight. Within days, uneven bumps will start to disappear.
  • Skin Types:¬†All skin types, especially dry, mature, dull, sensitive, uneven, congested, sagging, oily, acne-prone.¬†
  • Texture:¬†Bouncy jelly.¬†

    LILFOX Seabuck + Neroli Regenerative Face Nectar - 1oz - $98.00

    Highly concentrated Co2 extract of sea buckthorn repairs dry damaged skin. Seabuckthorn extract is rich in provitamin-A, an essential component of the skin’s repair function. It conditions the skin, boosts firmness and elasticity while improving the appearance of fine lines, scars, and sun damage without irritation. Essential oils of Tunisian neroli, rosy palmarosa, and sparkling pink grapefruit uplift the senses.

    • Results:¬†Skin¬†will be firm, deeply moisturized, bouncy¬†and¬†radiant.
    • Skin Types:¬†All skin types, especially dry, mature, dull, congested, oily, stressed or inflamed.¬†
    • Texture:¬†Luscious carrot-hued nectar that sinks in instantly.¬†

          LILFOX Cupu Cool Jelly Balm Hyaluronic Balm + Moisture Mask - 1.7oz - $98.00

          Aromatherapist-crafted abundant in ultra-rich botanical butters, exotic oils and vegan hyaluronic acid, this 2-in-one, gel-to-balm hybrid acts as an overnight treatment balm or moisture-surge mask. Exceptionally healing for post-procedure skin.

          With herbaceous, pungent and potent plants from the jungles of the Amazon,is formulated with an exhilarating combination of ultra moisturizing babbasu and blended with healing hemp seed oil and a hit of refreshing basil, peppermint, and lemon that leave skin tingling fresh.

          For heaps of hydration, lavish skin and leave on overnight. 

          • Results:¬†You may be overly joyous¬†to see your skin looking plump and more bouncy after applying to skin. Skin that's well-hydrated looks its most youthful and healthy.¬†
          • Skin Types:¬†All skin types, especially dry, mature, acne¬†prone, congested, and stressed or sensitive. Super healing for anyone who has had¬†laser or¬†fraxel treatments.
          • Texture:¬†Soft emerald¬†jelly swirl.