ODACITE Ma+N Marula + Neroli Elasticity Serum Concentrate

Ma+N Marula + Neroli Elasticity Serum Concentrate

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    .17oz l 5ml

    An effective Serum Concentrate that targets congestion and skin impurities, to clarify and minimize the appearance of pores. Powered by impurity clearing Jojoba.

    • Best For: Skin that needs relief from congested, enlarged pores.
    • Targeted Concerns: Clogged pores, blemishes, & environmental toxins.
    • Texture: A silky, lightweight facial oil that delivers a concentrated dose of targeted actives in just a few drops.
    • Scent: The intensely botanical aroma of Lavender, known in aromatherapy to be wonderfully calming and balancing to the emotional state.
    • Results: Clearer looking pores with visibly reduced congestion.

    To preserve its extraordinary skin-balancing benefits, organic Jojoba Oil is cold-pressed and virgin-extracted. This virgin Jojoba Oil has a very distinctive chemical structure similar to the natural oils found in healthy human skin.  Because it is highly biocompatible with the skin, the oil binds with hardened build-up in clogged pores to promote clearer-looking pores free of impurities.

    Our French Lavender synergistically pairs with Jojoba to help purify and liberate pores, minimizing their appearance.

    Dermatologically Tested • Vegan & Cruelty Free • No Nasties • Handcrafted in California

  • Jojoba has a disjunctive chemical structure similar to the natural oils found in healthy human skin, so it readily absorbs into the skin to target clogged pores.

    Organic Lavender, grown in France, has exceptional properties that help to cleanse the skin of pore-clogging impurities.

  • Vitis Vinifera [Grapeseed*] Oil, Citrus Paradisi [Grapefruit**] Peel Oil, Tocopherols  [Vitamin E]  Oil
    *Highest grade cold-pressed certified virgin oil  **Organic 

  • For an intensive solution: apply 2-3 drops directly on cleansed skin. Supercharge your moisturizer by mixing in 2-3 drops.