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Mon Ami Facial Acupressure Beauty Tool

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  • Description

    Purpose: Promote facial muscle relaxation & melt away facial tensions.

    Over time, perpetual tension, stress, squinting and other facial contractions will cause skin cells to be squeezed and wrinkles to form. Therefore excessive facial tension can lead to deeper wrinkles and loss of skin elasticity.

    With roots in Chinese medicine, the Acupressure Point Technique stimulates the flow of energy by melting contractions and removing energy blockages.

    Mon Ami was crafted to melt away facial tension by activating specific beauty points with light to medium pressure, allowing for a more relaxed, harmonious and younger-looking facial appearance.

  • Use the rounded end. Apply medium pressure on acupressure points for 3-second increments
    following the acupressure chart. For added relaxation pair each pressure application with a deep breath and full exhale. Repeat on each pressure point three times. Bonus! Use the flat end as a spatula to scoop the perfect amount of product.