Siam Seas SEAS Elements Beauty Balm

SEAS Elements Beauty Balm

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    1oz l 30ml

    SEAS Elements is a concentrated moisturizer that protects the skin barrier, prevents moisture loss, reactivates skin elasticity, boosts collagen synthesis and regenerates skin cells to create a natural glow.

    A rich source of tetrahexyldecyl ascorbate, the most skin-penetrable form of Vitamin C to restore brightness and balance skin tone, while Bakuchiol, Yananag, Gotu kola work synergistically with vitamin C to regenerate cells and defense against UV damage, free radicals and collagen breakdowns.

    SEAS elements Beauty balm is a firmer textured balm that luxuriously softens by the heat of your fingertips transforming into a fast absorbent fluid that your skin will relish for its nutrients and protection. SEAS is a skin therapy treatment for all skin types; especially eczema, rosacea, dry, mature, inflamed and sensitive skin.

    SCENT EXPERIENCE : A green, forest like color balm intertwined with the sweet nostalgic scent of jasmine flower and the herbaceous scent of blue tansy.

    • Blue Tansy - Ultimate redness and irritation soother.
    • Yanang - Loaded with phenolic compounds to provide skin with an abundance of antioxidants, preserving youth.
    • Lakoocha heartwood - Inhibits tyrosinase activity, brightens skin and lightens dark spots. The heartwood extract of Lakoocha contains concentrated oxyresveratrol, an effective and economical skin lightening agent.
    • Vitamin C Ester (Oil Soluble) - The most stable, penetrable form of vitamin C to brighten and repair cells whilst acting as your first line of defense against UV damage and free radicals.
  • Kokum Butter**¬†(protects skin barrier, reduces degeneration of cells, restores elasticity),¬†Mowrah Butter**¬†(moisturizes, prevents drying of the skin and hinders wrinkle development),¬†Hemp Seed Oil*¬†(regulates oil production, a great source of nutrient for congested skin, supports healing of atopic dermatitis),¬†Safflower Oil*¬†(reduces redness, softens and hydrates flaky skin),¬†Yanang **¬†(dense antioxidants and anti-inflammatory),¬†Gotu Kola*¬†(strengthens skin barrier function),¬†Laurel Clock Vine**¬†(expedites wound healing, anti-inflammatory),¬†Plai**¬†(cools the skin, reduces swelling and inflammation),¬†Lakoocha**(inhibits hyperpigmentation, lightens hyperpigmentation)¬†Roman Chamomile*¬†(calms redness and irritation),¬†Vitamin C Ester Oil Soluble¬†(brightens, repairs and defends against free radicals),¬†Rosehip Seed CO2 Extract*¬†(promotes wound healing and improves scarring),¬†Pumpkin Seed Oil*¬†(relieves inflammation and improves moisture content, great moisturizer for acne prone skin),¬†Pracaxi Oil**¬†(effective scar and wound treatment),¬†Tamanu Oil*(prevents UV damage and promotes collagen production),¬†Mango Butter*¬†(protects against moisture loss, reduces sun-damage),¬†Bakuchiol¬†(regenerate cells, heals acne and reverses premature aging),¬†Blue Tansy Oil*¬†(relieves redness, inflammation and irritation in sensitive skin), Jasminum Grandiflorum Absolute*(anti-fungal, speeds up wound healing),¬†Rose Otto Oil*¬†(antiseptic, astringent and anti-inflammatory),¬†Immortelle Oil*¬†(decreases the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles),¬†Ravensara Oil*¬†(antiviral, soothes allergy and sensitive skin),¬†Bulgarian Rose Absolute*¬†(evens skin tone and reduces sun damage),¬†Neroli Oil*¬†(soothes dryness and redness, balances sebum production),¬†Myrrh Oil*¬†(hinders fine lines, expedite healing in wounds and skin trauma),¬†Frankincense Oil**¬†(anti-microbial and anti-inflammatory),¬†Lavender Oil*¬†(reduces pain and inflammation). * Organic ** Sustainably Wildcrafted

  • While skin is wet from Yen toner or previous step, gather a rice grain size amount of SEAS into fingertips. Activate and melt the balm with the palms of your hands.¬†

    Cup the hands over your nose, take a moment to breathe and let the aroma soothe your senses.

    Gently massage into skin, lifting and sculpting your natural bone structure using your fingertips and palms of your hand or a Gua Sha tool.

    Follow the lift massage to stimulate blood flow, increase absorption and sculpt the facial muscle to firm and plump your skin.