Lilfox The Dew Kit
Lilfox The Dew Kit

The Dew Box

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    Sometimes you just know--better than any 'expert' could. Close your eyes, reach for your beauty shelf, let your skin and senses rejoice. You are at the helm of your intuitive beauty journey.

    The Dew Box—For parched, sensi babes. 

    Our gentlest set, this curation contains soft scents, cooling, botanicals, and sweet-spot level concentrations of non-irritating actives.

    Amazon After Dark Jelly Balm doubles as a moisture-surge cleanser and a leave-on softening gel.

    Green Melon Mist invokes the soothing nature of spa-water with super-cooling cucumber hydrosol and the lunar glow of moonstone gems.

    Blue Legume starts out bright blue, as the butterfly pea sinks into your skin the color diminishes and you’re left with a plump soft complexion. The skin just drinks it up. Use it as a wipe-away moisture mask or a leave-on treatment, the perfect prep for your top layer.

    Maracuja Face Nectar contains super-charged strawberry and passionfruit  oils with no essential oils. It is pure, decadent, dew-making hydration and protection.

    This complete set contains Amazon After Dark (50ml/full size), Green Melon Mist (50ml), Blue Legume (15ml), and Maracuja Gentle Face Nectar (15ml) in a beautiful glossy LILFOX gift box. $180 Value


    Amazon After Dark: Top: Fresh herbaceous rosemary and green tree leaves  Heart: Madagascan Rose Geranium 

    Green Melon Mist: Top: Fresh cucumber juice

    Blue Legume: Top: Tahitan lime + menthol + rosemary leaf   Heart: Rosy palmarosa + basil leaf

    Maracuja Face Nectar: Top: Fresh pressed strawberry juice    Heart: Tart juicy passionfruit 

      • Amazon After Dark Jelly Balm is a jelly cleanser, moisture surge, cleansing milk all in one—depending on how you use it. It respects, replenishes, and rejuvenates your dermis, prepping it perfectly to receive actives and botanicals that will glow you right out of town.
      • Green Melon Mist is a vibrant juicy mist to cool and hydrate skin deeply. Natural enzymes in cucumber water soften skin and conditions. Fresh herbaceous and green aromatic profile instantly awakens the senses.
      • Blue Legume is the butterfly pea super-soaker that will plump and hydrate your skin like no other. Slather it on a bright blue and watch as it soaks into your skin, the pigment disappearing as it beautifies your complexion. Use it as a leave-on or mask it up and gently pat away with a warm clean towel for a micro facial-steam.
      • Maracuja Face Nectar floods skin with hydration, with daily use, skin’s natural collagen and overall firmness improve, helping soften the look of emerging lines and wrinkles.
    • HOW TO USE:
    • 1. Cleanse/ Amazon After Dark

      2. Mist / Green Melon Cucumber Mist 

      3. Hydra-Soothe Treatment/ Blue Legume

      4. Nectar Quench/ Maracuja

      6. Mist/ Green Melon Cucumber Mist

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