Lilfox THE  SUN  BOX
Lilfox THE  SUN  BOX

The Sun Box

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    Sometimes you just know--better than any 'expert' could. Close your eyes, reach for your beauty shelf, let your skin and senses rejoice. You are at the helm of your intuitive beauty journey.

    Protection, exfoliation, and restoration is the key to this set.

    This complete set contains Amazon After Dark (50ml/full size), Cupu Cool (15ml), Bitter Orange (50ml), Acid Glow (15ml), and Seabuck + Neroli (15ml) in a beautiful glossy LILFOX gift box. $229 value


    • Amazon After Dark:  Top Notes: Green citrus, rosemary mint    Heart Notes: Bright rose geranium
    • Bitter Orange: Top: Bright juicy bitter orange citrus peel
    • Cupu-Cool: Top: Sicilian lemon peel   Heart: Pungent green leaf mixed with herbaceous sweet and holy basil and leaves
    • Acid Glow: Red rasberry fruit
    • Seabuck + Neroli: Top: Juicy bitter orange and mandarin peel   Heart: Rosy palmarosa leaf   Base: Sandalwood
    • Amazon After Dark preps your skin to receive a corrective, healing protocol for sun exposure damage
    • Cupu Cool, a fresh, herbaceous, gently-tingly jelly balm makes for refreshed, wide awake skin.
    • Bitter Orange Mist harnesses sun-drenched neroli blossoms to brighten your complexion and carry actives deep into the dermis.
    • Acid Glow is the gorgeous, bright-bright, botanical acid peel that puts exfoliation and cellular turnover front and center. Ditch your derm and lean into the new, so-effective-it’s-trippy, rasberry-pink acid-peel.
    • Seabuck and Neroli Face Nectar is a two-for-one refresh and protect rockstar. Natural actives in this botanical formula set you up for a day at the beach or the evening after a sunny hike to be soft, supple, and positively glowing.
  • Cleanse/ Amazon After Dark, Mist/ Bitter Orange, Peel/ Acid Glow (1-2weekly/monthly), Quench + Heal/ Cupu-Cool, Regenerate + Nectar/ Seabuck + Neroli, Mist/ Bitter Orange

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