Live Botanical Tidal Moon Moisture Mask
Live Botanical Tidal Moon Moisture Mask Mini
Live Botanical Tidal Moon Moisture Mask

Tidal Moon Moisture Mask

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    Drawing on how the moon’s tidal force affects the rainfall on earth, this rich mask replenishes moisture with hydrating raw honey, conditioning oils, and protective butters. Elevated with a collection of nutrient-dense algae extracts and a unique may-apple ferment for an antioxidant boost while enhancing the skin's ability to hold moisture. Perfect to use anytime you want to call on the moon for additional nourishment.

    We find this to be suitable for most skin types ranging from acne-prone to very dry.

    The scent is sweet and warm with subtle hints of cedar and fir. Akin to forest bathing in a jar.
    Bringing you to temperate rainforests that flow into the Pacific Ocean. Trails lined with wildflowers, thistles, and berries amongst towering firs as cedars dance in the wind.
    Dense cloud cover and pockets of fog envelop the land with moisture. Symbolized by the cool blue color of the balm, connecting to the water element. Guiding the journey inward, marked by dark and quiet nights.

    The texture is smooth like a balm with a touch of honey, adding richness.  Due to the nature of ingredients used, texture and color can vary.

    • Oil derived from Chlamydomonas reinhardtii. A highly sustainable and multifunctional algal extract with skin-identical lipids including essential fatty acids, sterols, and phytoceramides.  Long-term use shows an increase in hydration where the oil is unique in its ability to increase water uptake. Improves clarity and firmness from naturally occurring compounds that promote cellular renewal and proliferation.
    • A unique bio-fermented May-Apple extract is shown in clinical studies to increase sirtuin. These proteins influence aging and stress resistance by allowing cells to survive damage while improving cellular longevity. This particular extraction is 7x more effective than trans-resveratrol.
    • A stunning and potent Schisandra Co2 extract. Also referred to Wu-Wei-Zi in Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM).  Based on the Five-Element theory in TCM, the berry contains all the "five tastes".  This unique action is used as an overall tonic for vitality, lending itself to encourage harmony and balance.  In early topical research, provides a strong bio-available synthesis to help with stress responses and supports resilience, suppleness, and firmness.
    • Honey is one of the most versatile ingredients, it covers all the major skincare requirements. A humectant that balances hydration by either increasing moisture or absorbing excess oil. Contains key minerals, vitamins, antioxidants to restore vitality to the skin. Acts as a mild AHA; gluconic acid to gently refine and brighten the complexion. Naturally anti-septic to support breakouts and congestion.
    • Milk Thistle Seed Oil is known in skincare for the seed-derived antioxidant silymarin.  Research shows the ability to balance oil production, which allows this mask to be used by those who are also acne-prone.  As with many antioxidant-rich plants, it reduces ultraviolet radiation, pollution, and cellular damage.
    • Oregon (where Live Botanical is located) is known for being one of the largest growers of hazelnuts (aka filberts).  We source a gorgeous local oil from a small grower who is passionate about land and soil health.  Hazlenut Oil works alongside the milk thistle oil to harmonize the lipid barrier while firming the skin and improving overall clarity.
    • Douglas Fir, Port Orford Cedar and Himalayan Cedar are added below 0.5% dilution for gentle aromatherapy to help ground and calm the mind. Topically they are clarifying and with small amounts and especially in rinse off formulas like mask are generally safe for sensitive skin.
    • corylus avellana (hazelnut) seed oil*^, silybum marianum (milk thistle) seed oil*, raw honey*^, raw beeswax*^, persea gratissima (avocado) butter*^, helianthus annuus (sunflower) seed oil & saccharomyces/podophyllum peltatum (mayapple) ferment filtrate, chlamydomonas reinhardtii extract, schisandra chinensis fruit co2 extract*, spirulina platensis & arthrospira platensis *, ricinus communis (castor) seed oil*, lecithin (sunflower derived)*^, chamaecyparis lawsoniana (port orford) wood extract^+, pseudotsuga menziesii (douglas fir) oil^, cedrus deodora (himalayan) wood oil, rosmarinus officinalis (rosemary) leaf extract*

      *organic   |   ^regionally sourced   |   #fair trade/co-op

      +Our Port Orford cedar is made by a very small artisan/hobby distiller who works with only plant matter that is part of land management in order to protect groves.  This is an overharvested tree and we take great care in responsible sourcing to ensure the environment or people are not being exploited.

    • HOW TO USE:
    • Conditioning Option 1: Scoop a small amount of balm and massage onto wet skin. Let the mask set and perform a tapping motion with your fingertips to activate circulation for a few minutes. Let sit for 20 minutes or longer.

      Hydrating Option 2: Scoop a small amount in palm or bowl and sprinkle in a little water to create a light blue cream. Apply a thick layer, allowing it to absorb for 10 minutes or longer.

      Both options: Wipe off gently with a damp cloth, remove the honey, and leave the protective oils.