Laurel Skin Tulsi Single Farm Hydrosol
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    3.3oz l 100ml

    Tulsi is a sacred plant and a rare hydrosol that we are honored to share with you as a limited offering this season.  Its medicinal history holds roots in Ayurveda, as a plant linked to nervous system, immune, respiratory and circulatory health. Also known as Holy Basil, it has profound spiritual significance in Hinduism, considered to be a gateway between heaven and earth, worshipped as the Goddess of Devotion.

    This stunningly aromatic beauty was seeded, harvested and distilled for us by a partnering farm in the Pacific Northwest. This is undoubtedly one of the most beautifully scented hydrosols we have ever worked with. Tulsi’s warm, spicy and uplifting scent is unmistakable, combining sweet herbal notes like basil with hints of cinnamon and clove.

    • Skin: Tulsi is a powerful tonic for lymph and circulation. It swiftly moves through stagnation, inviting new life and nutrients to the skin. It brings vitality and strength where there was once dryness and dullness. It is balancing to oil production in either direction, as well as cleansing and clarifying, making this vibrant leaf well suited to congested or blemish prone skin. This plant is balancing to the microbiome and will help prevent pathogenic organisms from over occupying the skin. The Holy Basil herbal flower is potent and not suited to those with sensitive skin.
    • Body: Tulsi is an aromatic experience in just one spray. It has an instant effect on our olfactory senses, the pituitary gland and it quickly grounds a taxed nervous system. It clears respiratory pathways, thins congestion and makes breathing easier as a bronchodilator. Cleansing and purifying, this is an excellent ally to keep bedside during cold and flu season. Mist it on the body prior to massaging sore muscles to stimulate circulation and reduce inflammation.
    • Spirit: Holy Basil is considered sacred, purifying and clarifying in many cultures. In Ayurvedic texts, it is referred to as the most sacred plant on earth, high in sattva: the principle of light and clarity. A mist of Tulsi completely transmutes the energy in a space. Energy shifts and transforms instantly, inviting a new depth of clarity, perspective and space for vitality. Holy Basil is found in Christianity’s history as well, used in spiritual rituals and even the preparation of holy water.
    • Tulsi – Our Holy Basil Hydrosol comes from a farm in the Pacific Northwest that we have worked with for over a decade. After harvesting flowering tops in the early morning from their own farm, they put them through an all-day distillation process in authentic copper stills. This hydrosol is not in any of our Laurel Skin products, and is something we are only sharing with you in this unique and pure form. The Tulsi herb can be found infused into our Citrus Lip Balm, Tulsi Rose Balm, Petal Pecan Mask, and Honey Rose Spice Mask.
  • Single Plant and Single Farm Artisan Distilled Tulsi Hydrosol°
    °organically grown ingredient

  • Shake Elixir well with each use and mist directly and generously onto clean skin. Follow with a Serum and/or Balm.

    Store this product in a cool, dry and dark place. Use within 6 months of opening and by the recommended use-by date, which can be found on the bottom of the bottle.

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