LEPAAR MANDARIN MECCA COFFEE SCRUB / Lustre Restoring Body + Face Exfoliant

MANDARIN MECCA COFFEE SCRUB / Lustre Restoring Body + Face Exfoliant

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    7.3oz l 215ml

    A luxuriously complex, non-abrasive mess to restore lustre and bounce to thighs, butts and face.

    From the founder: "I made this with used coffee grounds, the beautifully fragrant and velvet soft waste that usually gets thrown out after extraction. We get our coffee grounds from Australia's best artisan coffee roaster, our wonderful friend and @meccacoffee owner Paul Geshos.

    I'm a decaf coffee girl, and my nervous system can't deal with the skin-irritating, hyper-stimulating full blast caffeine content in coffee scrubs. so the low residual amount of caffeine in coffee waste is a gently effective way to deliver all the benefits of a good coffee scrub without the hardcore down sides. Because it contains velvet soft coconut sugar instead of hard crystal edged brown sugar, this scrub is gentle enough to use on my face and body without micro tearing."

    Fragrance profile: A Middle Eastern journey through the streets of Mecca, fragrant with chocolate Mocca, enlivened with notes of sweet mandarin, hints of lemongrass and softening caramel. A 1001 night sensory dream.

    • COFFEE^:¬†Reduce cellulite, Decrease inflammation,¬†Increase cell turnover
    • LINSEED*:¬†Nourish and moisten, Gently exfoliate and unclog¬†pores,¬†Tone, tighten, firm¬†+ plump
    • BABASSU*:¬†Antioxidant, Restores barrier function, Anti-bacterial, anti-microbial, anti-inflammatory
    • OLIVE**:¬†Cell regeneration, Antioxidant, Maintains moisture + elasticity
    • MANDARIN^:¬†Improves skin tone, Increases the collagen, Corrects¬†oil balance¬†
    • COCONUT SUGAR*:¬†Gently exfoliates without abrasion, Support cell turnover,¬†Breaks down dead, flaky skin
    • PINK HIMALAYAN CRYSTAL SALT*:¬†Contains vital trace elements¬†small enough for our body to absorb via the skin,¬†Detoxifies the body by balancing systemic PH,¬†Improves hydration by providing trace minerals
    • MYRRH*:¬†Rejuvenates, Fades pigmentation, Heals wounds + hearts
    • FRANKINCENSE*:¬†Tones + firms, Fades pigmentation, Lifts anxiety
    • MANDARIN (ESSENTIAL OIL)*:¬†Purifies and detoxes skin and mind,¬†Improves blood circulation,¬†Calms anxiety, nausea and feelings of irritation
    • 24 KARAT GOLD":¬†Improves circulation, Boosts collagen integrity, Receives sun energy, grounds intentions
    • *Certified organic **certified Demeter biodynamic ^wildcrafted ‚Äúnon-nano.
  • COFFEE (COFFEA) WASTE*. The coffee making leftovers. Roasted. Ground. Expressed. Dehydrated. Fair trade + sustainably sourced directly from the farmer by¬†Mecca Coffee. Rushashi district, Rwanda, BROWN LINSEED¬†(LINUM USITATISSIMUM)¬†Australia,¬†ORBIGNYA OLEIFERA (BABASSU) SEED OIL*¬†¬†Brazil,¬†OLEA EUROPAEA (OLIVE) OIL**¬†Victoria Australia,¬†MANDARIN¬† (CITRUS RETICULATA)¬†PEEL EXTRACT + PEEL^.¬†Kangaroo Valley¬†Australia, COCONUT SUGAR*. Indonesia,¬†BROWN¬†SUGAR*. Australia,¬†HIMALAYAN CRYSTAL SALT^ Pure, slightly crushed into coarse granules.Tibet,¬†FRANKINCENSE EXTRACT: BOSWELLIA FREREANA RESIN^ Somalia / BOSWELLIA SACRA RESIN^ Oman, MYRRH EXTRACT: COMMIPHORA MYRRHA RESIN^ Somalia / COMMIPHORA WILDII (‚ÄėOMUMBIRI‚Äô) RESIN^ Namibia, FRANKINCENSE ESSENTIAL OIL: BOSWELLIA FREREANA* Somalia / BOSWELLIA SACRA^ Oman / BOSWELLIA CARTERI* Somalia, MYRRH ESSENTIAL OIL: COMMIPHORA MYRRHA* Somalia /COMMIPHORA WILDII (‚ÄėOMUMBIRI‚Äô)^ Namibia,¬†MANDARIN¬†(CITRUS RETICULATA)¬†Essential Oil*¬†Egypt,¬†24 KARAT GOLD‚ÄĚ,¬†Germany. Non-Nano. Cert cosmetic/food grade. Sun-infused for a minimum of 4 months in biodynamic Olive oil, 24 KARAT GOLD‚ÄĚ Germany.

    Essential oils are steam distilled and naturally contain Limonene, Linalool.
    *Certified organic **certified Demeter biodynamic ^wildcrafted “non-nano/cert cosmetic.
    Extracts are sun-infused for a minimum of 4 months in certified biodynamic olive oil.
    Botanicals are hand picked, air dried or sun cured.
    Resins are fair trade.

  • BODY SCRUB: Run the shower, grab a chestnut size piece of scrub, hop under the shower to get your body and face wet and start by gently by massaging the scrub into thighs and butt, increase¬†to a vigorous rub in circular motion.¬†

    FACE EXFOLIATION: Wet your face and massage a hazelnut size amount into the skin for a few minutes. Rinse, dry, moisturize with PRECIOUS FACE OIL

    One 215ml jar holds about 15 applications for body + face, about 30 for face only.